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10 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 3, 2022
Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum

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Did you experience cleaning a dirty swimming pool after partying a whole night? You can guess how tough it is as a job, even if you didn’t experience it. Well, there is equipment that can make it easier than your expectations.

Choosing the right product is vital here. One must have efficient equipment to keep the pool clean, not only for the party but also for daily maintenance. Keeping that in mind, we are giving you the details of some of the best above ground pool vacuums.

They’ll help to make your swimming pool cleaning job more comfortable than you have ever thought. Read the whole article and choose the right machine. Let’s begin!

10 Top Above Ground Pool Vacuums (2022 Update)

1. Dolphin Escape: Robotic Pool Vacuum

There is some logic behind calling Dolphin Escape the best cleaners, and we are telling you why. However, before pointing out the thesis, we would love to let you know that it stands first when we talk about popularity in the market.

Regardless of surface and material, this machine works the best for all kinds of pools.

No matter what type of pool you have, you can choose this piece without even thinking twice. Want to get a spotless impression about your pool? Well, don’t forget to switch your old pool cleaner and grab this fantastic masterpiece.

However, it may cost a little more than your expectation or your budget. But then again, good things cost more, and we all know that.

Speaking of the design and the features, it comes with an outlook of an amazing robotic truck, and the elements will attract anybody that understands technology.

Moreover, according to its users, the reliability is beyond comparison. Users find it so reliable that they are not ready to replace it even something comes at a lower price. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

However, every product has some negative issues, and it goes for Dolphin Escape too. You will never find a product without some dissatisfaction of users. On that point, a lack of versatility is the only issue that you might have to deal with.


  • Attractive to look at
  • Tracking system
  • Amazing brushing system
  • Automatic cleaning process


  • Price can be high

2. Intex Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Among all the expensive models, it is quite challenging to find out an option that comes within your budget. However, it is not impossible as we have this fantastic model for you. Comparing it to other cleaners, it comes at a meager price. According to the customer’s review, this product is nowhere less than any other product with this kind of price.

We would like to mention that if you have an Intex pool, then this product might be the best option for your pool. We are not saying that you cannot use this in any other pool, but Intex pools are the best place to use it.

Here, on another note, this model needs a pool pump that should be of power starting from 1600 to 3500. If you can arrange this filter pump for this, it will work best for your swimming pool. Speaking of the great features, this model automatically works and does not require much of your effort.

It will entirely clean the pool just in a couple of minutes. There is a bin bag where all the dust gets together, and clean the filter bag frequently. Or else, it will stop working.

If you take a look at the customer’s review, you can quickly call it one of the best products that come at such an affordable price. Also, this product looks good. Therefore, those who care for the outlook of a product may also go for this.


  • Powerpack
  • Cleans very well
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to fix


  • Limited performance

3. POOL BLASTER Water Tech Vacuum Cleaner

This model can easily beat the previous models that we have talked about. It has got everything that you might need for your pool. As the pool has to be clean to have fun to the fullest, and efficient pool cleaner has a lot to do in this case.

Therefore a strong performer is everything that you need to talk about our 3rd product. Now, let’s talk about what makes it the best pool cleaner. Unlike other cleaners, this cleaner works efficiently for every pool.

Therefore, it has no limitation of usage. Also, it doesn’t require a separate adaptor to run it for different pools. The automatic running and cleaning process is one of the best features of this device. This machine will automatically clean your pool and spot all the dirt on its own.

However, sometimes it may fail to find out some dirt, but most of the time, it doesn’t. That’s a relief. The device may not look the best looking, but the long life span will impress you. This piece can hold water more than 300 gallons, and it’s almost more than every other device.


  • Unlimited usage
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Long life span
  • Easy to use


  • Might not be good looking

4. XtremepowerUS 75037 Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum

A versatile and automatic suction pool cleaner is a great joy to get. However, what we’re talking about is the XtremepowerUS 75037 is the type of above ground pool vacuum cleaner that has thousands of happy users across the world.

Along with some useful features, this device is trendy for convenience and versatility as we said already that buying an item with practical function is an excellent thing to keep in mind.

The best highlight of the model is its auto suction that ensures the multi-functions of the vacuum pool cleaner. That’s why; you’re all set to use this above ground pool vacuum cleaner for most types of above ground swimming pools are out there.

No matter if you have a pool of above- or in-ground, this device has about ten hoses that help you clean your pool with ease. A vacuum pool cleaner needs a minimum of 1HP pool pump for the best outcomes.

As it doesn’t need any electricity, it’s very affordable to use that not just saves you electric bills, it is also an automatic pool vacuum cleaner and easy to use. Just connect to the current filter to operate the above ground pool vacuum, and you’ll not find any other complicated connections or need any additional instructions to maintain it.

Keeping that in mind, this device has just a simple button to turn it on. Turning off also requires only a push in the switch. It’s not rocket science to on and off it; we hope you got it.


  • Adjustable Pool Cleaner
  • Smart Design
  • Multi-functions
  • Doesn’t require electricity


  • Not enough durable

5. Aquabot APRVJR Rover Junior Pool Vacuum

If you’re in the hassle of cleaning your pool, you may get pleasure from a dirt-free pool having no similar issue when you have the perfect above ground pool vacuum cleaner. So, why not take the Aquabot Rover Junior because of its latest technology and not significant problems so far?

The device is suitable to keep the pool fresh with ease. Also, you’ll be able to use it with simple effort and get done all cleaning tasks of your pools to enjoy with safe and free of stress. The critical feature is including it consumes just 180-watt of power.

As a result, the vacuum is not only energy-efficient; it’s also potent to accomplish the pool cleaning tasks. The reusable filtration bag, along with its cable right length and size of the above ground pool vacuum, is most suitable to capture all unexpected things in your pool.

You can handle most types of pools using this vacuum pool cleaner with comfort. So, the Aquabot APRVJR Rover Junior is better than many other pool vacuums available out there. On the way, it is beneficial for pool owners because of its stress-reduction quality.

Most people want a simple machine because they are not most likely to learn about the tool. Therefore it’s essential for a device to user-friendly.


  • Long floating cable
  • Automatic robotic above ground pool vacuum
  • Powerful motor pool pump
  • Extra-wide wheels


  • Corrodes easily

6. POOL BLASTER Max Cordless Rechargeable Battery Powered Pool Vacuum

When we talk about pool equipment, POOL BLASTER is a reliable brand. So, the model we’re going to discuss is also very handy with some practical features. You can complete your pool cleaning tasks with ease and efficacy without any significant issues.

Features like an automatic cleaning system, the extra-ordinary brush, and the filter bag are the best parts. It needs the smallest amount of sweat to get the optimum results. Overall, this simple pool cleaner is easy to use and weighs way too less than other models.

Therefore, it is very convenient to use. Some other useful features are including battery-powered and cordless operation is the major ones. The model charges within just four hours, and you can use it for about one hour of pool cleaning in a single change.

Lightweight and compact design is another excellent thing to describe this rechargeable pool vacuum cleaner. As a result, you’ll not tremendously weaken while using the device and will be able to get your task done flawlessly.

Unlike some other devices that are tough to install for many people, this model will take just a moment to connect.  Besides, getting stuck on the surface of the pool is prevalent for most vacuum cleaners. But, you’re all set to avoid this issue if you purchase this device.


  • Cordless cleaning
  • Increased power
  • Complete pool cleaner
  • Extended run time


  • Not highly durable

7. Aquabot’s S2 POOL ROVER 48VDC/115VAC Pool Vacuum

You can easily understand how capable the Aquabot POOL ROVER is if you see the satisfaction score of its happy user, which is 4.2/5. The device is not just powerful; it’s also attractive and compact in design.

Getting convenience and efficiency is the main target of buying an auto vacuum cleaner for your pool. Some similar auto pool vacuums out there are not proficient in managing the steps of your pool.

But, it’ll not happen with you if you buy POOL ROVER as it shows competence in various parts of your pool. The device works so smoothly that you would be sticking around to see how it functions.

Don’t think that we’re kidding with you; the model comes with the technology of moving parts that ensure the optimal level of function.

The item is an automatic pool cleaner that requires zero effort when you need to clean the pool with ease. Frankly, the shark-like design, along with the beautiful color of the device, will certainly attract your kids.


  • Great compact design
  • Efficient filtration system media
  • Useful features
  • Better maneuvering


  • Sometimes it hangs

8. Zodiac Ranger Automatic Suction Side Vacuum Pool Cleaner

Most time, quality matters much in the selling of pool vacuum cleaner for above-ground. A product with poor quality can convince some people, but over time, it’ll lose the market.

That’s the point we tried to make out in a short description, and Zodiac is always opposed to being a high-quality brand out there. Apart from the quality, the product has some great features that anyone will be excited about.

Unlike some other ordinary models, this one doesn’t have annoying noise, flapper, or hammering-like issues. The deflector wheel is unique that provides more efficacies to the above ground pool vacuum. If the unit gets stuck anytime, you don’t need to intervene or rush anymore.

As the wheels are strong enough to perform the great movement in your pool, it’ll not inhibit any corners or steps in its progress. When you find its user-friendliness, you’ll indeed hands down to this above-ground pool cleaner.

What’s more, this unit effectively cleans your pool even if it comes with 72-inch bottoms. The Ranger avoids you assembling because it’s preassembled, and it has a 32-foot long feed hose for your convenience.

An AG Disc comes with the model that helps it to glide smoothly on the surface of the pool. Also, you’re all set to finish your pool cleaning tasks up of its sides and all around steps along with cleaning the entire lake.


  • Very effectively model
  • Latest technology
  • Exclusive Deflector Wheel
  • Preassembled


  • The complaint about its sticking

9. Hayward W3500 Aquabug Automatic Vacuum Pool Cleaner

Get a simple way of keeping your pool clean and organized with this attractive vacuum pool cleaner. Most importantly, the W3500 is automatic, along with its sufficient cleaning strength. As a result, the model is not just user-friendly; it’s also convenient with its features and functionality.

If you look at the current marketplace, you’ll find it’s full of different types of vacuum pool cleaners. So, you might be confused about finding high-quality products, but it’ll not happen anymore with you, as you know about the Hayward W3500 model.

A practical device that has all essential functional features along with a great combination, you’ll find it as handy as you’re seeking. Apart from its useful features, the device comes with an optimal gearing and filtration system, so it ensures the flawless water go naturally and a consistent flow rate is maintained.

Running in quiet to keep the environment free of noise is another great feature of this vacuum. That means it’ll not disturb anybody reading a book alongside the pool, making too much noise.

So, if you one of them who like to avoid the annoying noise of a vacuum, the Hayward W3500 is your best choice. The contoured vacuum head of the above ground pool vacuum helps it move and work efficiently to complete the steering plan with faster speed.


  • Exclusive gearing system
  • Superior vacuum head with a contoured design
  • Simple installation
  • Luxurious bumper ring
  • Great suction pool cleaner


  • The filter bag is smaller

10. Pentair 360100 Automatic Lil Shark Pool Cleaner

The vacuum comes with a design of a cute, small shark that’s a very efficient device to help you keep your pool clean. The user-friendly and convenient above ground vacuum pool cleaner for your pool is unique to all other devices.

You’ll find it like a small, fantastic toy, and your kids like to play with toys. That means pool cleaning will be a type of fun and the enjoyable task where your kids can take part actively.

The pool cleaner comes with efficient bristles and a strong suction that helps you clean your pool’s bottom easily. So, the Pentair 360100 is ready to such up all large debris and dirt in the best way that you always prefer.

Like some other products on this list, it also comes with an automatic feature that converts more effort, which is an excellent thing for this device. As some people like to do something in their way, it’s not a bad idea to get a bit of help from your toolbox.

The pool cleaner slices a 10-inch broad path to make sure flawless working to show its effectiveness. However, you’ll get another great thing from the pool cleaner are its five different variable cleaning paths. Also, the device is equipped with a long hose of 30 inches along with three parts to snap them together.


  • Pre Programmed cleaning
  • Effective bristles
  • Thorough & quick cleaning
  • Preassembly


  • Unable to work on your in-ground pool

Buying Guide

Knowing about the considering factors of the vacuum pool cleaner is very vital to choose the ideal product. The first thing that will boost up your wisdom and you get excellent preparation to know what good for you. Well, let’s remember them with the below topics:


Many vacuum cleaners for your above-ground pool come with a professional and sleek design. They move on tracks rather than wheels that give them better traction that’s essential for adequate cleaning of the pool.

Also, some of them come with forms of different animals like fish, bugs, and turtles that make your cleaning tasks fun and enjoyable with your kids. Also, there are manual designs, while many of them are automated as well.

If you choose the manual design pool cleaner, it might be a bit challenging when you need to make cycles that last about 1 or 2 hours. Some of them go to sleep mode when you work an hour with it, and you need to restart and reset it.

Moreover, some pool cleaner comes with a pool pump and easy to connect with inbuilt pool filters. In any case, the models are designed with an automatic feature that is suitable for your pool.


More significant devices use cartridges rather than filter bags that collect dirt and fine debris along with the effort of managing noise about 60% than ordinary above ground pool vacuum cleaners.

All models don’t come with microfilters, but you can make sure by checking on the manufacturer’s website. When you’re there, confirm your selected device with its specification section, it’ll help you find the right filtration system.

You should choose the vacuum that comes with microfilters that allows you to manage algae, debris efficiently, and fine particles remain in your pool. That’s why you must avoid anything that doesn’t equip with a microfilter for maximum results.


Apart from being a simple vacuum machine, some devices come with the function of a useful brush that helps it to scrub away and loosen the stubborn dirt.

Some of them have scanners to enhance the patterns of cleaning that has ensured efficient and random coverage of all types of pools.

The length of the cable plays a vital role when you use the above ground pool vacuum because it directly affects the working ability of the pool cleaner to accomplish the cleaning task of the whole pool.

Using a longer cable is a starting place of a twisted hose that may damage its structure, followed by leakage as a result.

You also must be looking at the offered customer service, and many brands provide it higher in quality. But, some other brands are inferior in concern, so you must avoid them at any cost.

Power Consumption

Pool owners need to keep a balance between operation time and power consumption to get the maintain expenses lower. For example, robotic pool cleaners have 180-watt, which is highly appreciated because of their provided software and sophisticated electronics.

Typically suction-based models have equipped with a low power rating that will consume less power with more efficacy. So, before you ensure the model, you’re going to buy that it uses lower electricity than other models.

You’ll find the power consumption rating in the specification section of the vacuum. If you follow this factor, you’ll get the optimum results.

User-friendliness & Longevity

You might scare getting to fresh your swimming pool even if you have an automatic vacuum cleaner. If this is the issue for you, the model you choose should be user-friendly because you’ll need to use it five to ten times every year.

The most annoying thing is when you need to clean the vacuum pool cleaner manually after completing the cleaning tasks.

Besides, longevity is another excellent factor to keep an eye on it that ensures the more extended use of the device you buy. Some of the above ground pool vacuum manufacturers offer 1-year while some others give about five or more years of warranty.

So, you can simply understand that a vacuum with more years of warranty is better than fewer years. That’s why check the warranty and lifespan of the model you’re going to buy.


Although it’s an end product consideration, you should think about its base offer. Do you need extra hoses with a powerful pump, an extended year warranty, and service while starting cleaning?

Eventually, coolness is undoubtedly worth some bucks, so you should be cautious of proper deal basement pricing. Simultaneously, avoid getting hindered with the up-to-date features that are needless and existing at an unreasonable premium.

That’s why robotic pool vacuum is highly expensive but work very effectively and hassle-free way. However, pools are remaining above ground maintain suction made cleaners that generally require manual adjustment.

So, when you invest in the high-priced model, you should consider its usability and other preferable features that you’re seeking.

Many models come at a premium price, but they don’t have enough practical features. You must avoid them as they’re nothing but a waste of your money.

FAQs  the Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum

How Frequently Should I Clean A Pool?

Usually, you can clean your pool one time every week; that’s a common and better idea. But, if you find any significant number of dirt, leaves, or debris on our pool, it requires cleaning. For example, when your area gets after a massive storm and rain, you need to clean it to keep the water safe to use.

Should I Vacuum My Swimming Pool Even If I Buy A Robotized Pool Cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are suitable for light tasks with everyday maintenance rather than removing more significant amounts and bulky items.

So, you might have seen they just push to clean waterlogged leaves and take them from one place to another desired end. As a result, the robotic cleaner is not suitable if you have loads of dirt and debris.

Can Vacuum Cleaner Remove Algae-Like Stains From A Pool?

Algae are not easy stuff to remove with simple effort when it remains under your pool’s crevices and corners. So, just vacuuming may not be very useful to remove them from your pool.

But, you can prevent the growth of algae using the above ground pool vacuum cleaner if you remove them instantly whenever you find them in your pool.

How Can I Fix The Issues That Stop Working My Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

If you have a faulty pool vacuum cleaner and it stops working, make sure that you have unplugged it and contact your vendor or service provider.

You should avoid fixing the issue on your own because it may increase the chance of falling into other dangers. So, don’t try to open it your own; instead, let it do by the professionals who work for it.

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Everybody loves a pool to swim in during summer and other free times. But, avoiding dirt and other debris is a bit tougher task to keep the pool clean and safe to use.

Cleaning it at your hand is very time-consuming, and it’s straightforward to do while using a high-quality pool cleaner. That’s why we have enlisted some top-rated vacuum cleaners for your swimming pools.

You can choose from any one of the best above-said pool vacuum machines as all of them are very helpful to keep your pool clean and organized.

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