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10 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 3, 2022
Best Automatic Pool Cleaner

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The summertime has already been started. So, you’re thinking to get fun with your family on the pool water. But, most certainly, you need to clean the pool very thoroughly before you take the first dips.

However, many people find it a troublesome task that takes hours to accomplish because they lack suitable equipment to clean their pools. People these days are blissful with the development of technology.

Cleaning the pool and keeping it always that way is effortless if you have the perfect piece of automatic pool cleaners. So, you’re all set to get done the time-consuming task in no-time.

Well, let’s about the top 10 best automatic pool cleaners to make your cleaning tasks more manageable.

10 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners (2022 Update)

1. Dolphin NautilusCC Plus Automatic & Robotic Pool Cleaner

Whatever you’re looking for as the most important features and performance in a pool cleaner, you’ll find them in the Dolphin NautilusCC Plus. If it’s excellent quality and convenience that you expect from a pool cleaner, this one is your right choice.

This cleaner is not just uniquely designed; it’s also extremely consumer favourite. Whether you have a small or big pool, it’s ready to make it simpler for your hectic tasks. The unit offers you the optimum swimming pool coverage and reduces the time of your cleaning task substantially.

Apart from being highly effective, this cleaner is very efficient as well. Also, the device users find it an amazing product because of its practical and ergonomic design. Thanks to its larger cartridge, you can replace it with ease and work effortlessly.

The model is easy to clean with and clean itself when you end up with the cleaning tasks. Besides, the great suction power of this cleaner is another crucial feature that attracts most buyers. Along with a powerful suction, it also comes with higher traction that helps it to clean and move underwater.

However, it was possible to make the machine more effective by including a longer power cord. Also, it should improve its ability to work on your stairs. But, the model is better to clean without any hassle than many other cleaners of a similar price range.

The brushes of this cleaner are dual scrubbing with excellent filtering capabilities. That allows you to relax knowing the floor and walls of the pool, cleans exactly the way you want.

The Dolphin is an independent machine to clean your swimming pool that doesn’t depend on any other tools. As a result, it saves you energy each time you clean your pool.


  • Great suction & traction
  • Superb pool coverage
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simple to use & clean


  • Shorter power cord

2. Zodiac G3 Baracuda W0300 Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you’re in search of a powerful but quieter pool cleaner, then the Zodiac G3 is your great mate. The product comes with excellent quality because it has manufactured by a famous brand that has provided lots of great tools previously.

The cleaning device of a pool is a costlier investment as the high devices may cost a few hundreds of bucks. But, it’s worth investing in to buy the product if it provides optimum performance. While talking about the Zodiac G3, you’ll find it with all possible practical features with higher durability and more robust construction.

Apart from those, this pool cleaner can survive for a long time. As the pool cleaner has made of top-quality materials, it’s not just durable; it’s also not fragile. We talked about its quieter operation at the beginning of the review, and it’ll make you surprised with its almost silent operating method.

So, you’re safe from the horrible noise when you work with this machine. With its excellent cleaning power, the G3 is all set to pick up smaller to medium-sized debris with ease. Thus, it ensures a thorough clean up of your pool’s stairs, walls, and floor to offer you sunny summertime fun with safety.

Thanks to its FlowKeeper Valve, it ensures regulating the flow of the water automatically. As a result, it maintains peak clean-up performance despite having a pump with low HP. With the Intelligent Design turn the switch on/off, its Flowkeeper provides a floor of the pool gliding.

This pool  cleaner’s hoses are scuff-resistant that makes it long-lasting by eliminating scrapes of the pool’s surface. Overall, the Zodiac G3 should be your perfect mate in terms of cleaning your pool.


  • Powerful suction
  • Solid construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple assembling


  • A bit tricky to use on the stairs

3. XtremepowerUS 75037 Automatic Climb Wall Pool cleaner

When you prefer to get an automatic pool cleaner that’s wallet-friendly and performs well, the XtremepowerUS 75037 should be your ideal choice. It’ll not just ensure you the best investment; it also has a higher quality to accomplish your swimming pool cleaning tasks with ease.

Most people with having an above ground pool find them tough to clean. But, you can do the same functions without feeling a hassle if you use this cleaning machine. With a practical and smart design, the model comes with durable suction power.

As a result, it helps you clean most types of dirt and debris of smaller to medium-sized pools. Thanks to its high-quality made material, it makes this pool cleaner as durable as reliable. Along with its deluxe automatic cleaning system, the item works great to clean your pool in an instant.

The product doesn’t come with any gear or wheel that makes sure it has not to issue like jamming or breaking. That’s why you’ll enjoy cleaning your pool without any interruption to get it done faster.

The cleaner’s key to enjoying a pool in summer with safety as it cleans smarter, without any hardness. Among the features, the major ones include their lower pool maintenance, higher efficiency, and durability.

Also, it’s made of PVC with a naturally attractive design without the issue of clogging or breaking of the machine. The item works like a running drain that goes through more water with pool’s filtration system within a short time.

That means your pool will stay safe and clean with ease and effortlessly implement the thorough clean-up of it. The thickened and soft base plate helps you clean the pool gently regardless of its shape, size, and construction.


  • Practical & smart design
  • Great suction power
  • Affordable in price
  • Effortless assembling


  • Tough to clean it

4. Dolphin Premier Multiple Filter Robotic Pool cleaner

It’s another product from the famous Dolphin production house. The item came with a stylish design and made with premium quality material. As a result, this is extremely durable, as well as reliable.

As the users are impressed with this cleaner, it has gained massive recognition from many other automatic pool cleaners of a similar price range. Unlike other products come with issues like inconvenience, the Premier is exceptionally user-friendly and convenient.

No matter this device is a bit expensive, but it’s well made with durable suction power and sturdy construction. The key features of this pool cleaner are its three types of media. These include standard cartridges, micro-cartridges, and extra-large debris/leaf bags.

Along with throwaway debris bags, it’s designed to clean most types of pool surfaces with their waterline and tiles. It’ll not leave even a single inch with its 24V DC motors and dual scrubbing brushes. Most importantly, it consumes about 90% less power than other ordinary models and can run on a low voltage.

As a result, you can clean your pool in a faster as energy-efficient manner. With its smart Nav app, it provides excellent optimized scanning to cover all dirty areas. Thus, it brings your cleaning tasks to new levels.

Unlike some other manual robotic cleaners, the Premium works automatically with a smart controller. The LED light indicates an alert when it’s full and time to empty the dirt container. The latest anti-tangle technology with a swiveling feature provides a comfortable and consistent cleaning effort.

That’s why this robotic cleaner is an excellent accomplishment of the robotic pool cleaning industry. So, you can invest in this product for optimum results. And we highly recommend it for its sturdy construction, suction power, effectiveness, and user-friendliness.


  • Multi filtration system
  • Dominant & durable
  • Realistic design
  • Extremely convenient


  • Tough to repair when it needs

5. Pentair Kreepy Krauly LL505G Pool Cleaner

Every pool owner desires to have a machine that’s suitable for cleaning with ease and hassle-free. The Kreepy Krauly LL505G of Pentair production line is that type of pool cleaner to accomplish all your pool cleaning tasks effortlessly.

As it comes with a 30-foot long hose and a significant intake, the LL505G is the right choice for your pool. Also, the item is not just designed with sturdy; it’s firm by build with more extended durability. As a result, you can use the cleaner for years without facing any major issues.

So, this is really the best model among many other available out there. With the excellent cleaning capability and the high-quality exterior, it has gained lots of positive reviews from happy customers. Along with four wheel drive the device has been designed practically with excellent traction for considerable stability.

Also, this is effortless to assemble even you don’t need to read its user’s manual to follow the instruction. You’ll get everything you need to keep your pool clean and safe for you and your family members.

Apart from its long hose, it’s also equipped with wall fitting, backup valve, and dirt containing a filter bag with a larger capacity. The device collects and traps fine debris to stir up from all parts of your pool, such as the floors and walls.

The cleaner also connects with a pressure line that goes beside the pool needs a pump to operate. With its automatic feature, the pool cleaner uses drive shafts and turbines to give you go forward with the help of its front wheels.

Overall, we suggest investing in the LL505F of Pentair because of its great features and functional performance.


  • Extremely durable & reliable
  • Practical design
  • Very stable with four wheel drive
  • Efficient cleaning effort


  • Not suitable to clean stairs

6. Pentair GW7900 Automatic Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

the GW7900 by Pentair is an automatic pool cleaning tool that makes your tasks super easy if you own a swimming pool with a type of inground. When you have installed the pump with a filtration system, you just need to get this pool cleaner to complete all other tasks.

With functionality and simplicity, it’s a reasonably priced model to maintain your pool water always fresh. If you compare it with some other models, it works as faster as efficiently to clean your pool right away. The automatic pool cleaner has a vacuum port door that easy to fit with a cover loaded with spring for more safety.

Also, this pool cleaner has a preset program that can follow the curves on the pool’s floor. As a result, it allows you to cover all spots, including severe to reach the corner, stairs, and almost every inch of the pool.

That’s why the GW7900 is the right option for you if you’re in search of investing in a cleaner that’s quieter, efficient, and well-built. Unlike many cleaning devices out there, it provides exceptional performance in a short time.

So, it’s suitable for you if you need no dull spots and don’t have enough spare time to do cleaning tasks for the swimming pools. Thanks to its construction with high-quality material, it makes the device’s exterior stable enough.

That’s why the model is extremely reliable and durable to use for a long time. Thus, it works smoothly for years with excellent performance without any significant issues.

Among other features, another major one is its noiseless operation that relief you from disturbing your neighbors. Overall, the GW7900 does not just come with lots of practical features; it’s useful and convenient and will keep your pool sparkling clean.


  • Smart design
  • Fast cleaning
  • Sturdy & reliable
  • Quieter operation


  • Needs lots of maintenance

7. Polaris 280 Pressure Side Automatic Vac-Sweep Pool Cleaner

A great piece of pool cleaner along with fantastic design and optimum performance, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is your perfect choice for any type of pool. Polaris is a famous brand worldwide, and its tools are also masterpieces. The Polaris 280 is also not the exception that and it’s genuinely an incredible item.

The design of the Polaris Vac Sweep is well-thought that’s constructed with premium quality material. With its usefulness and durability, this product is standalone than many other items of a similar price range. The performance of the device is hiccup-free, noise-free, and smooth, which provides the best outcomes.

That’s why it’s not just easy to work with; it’s also very convenient. The legendary 3-wheel design features scrubbing, vacuuming, and sweeping of the pool’s bottom and its walls with any size and shape. Also, it has a big opening to collect larger debris like pebbles, acorns, and leaves twigs with robust intake.

The device gathers dirt before they reach the pump’s basket and its filtration system reduces filter cleaning. As a result, you can use it for a long time without facing issues with its filtration system. For interruption-free operation, it has an inline backup valve that frees the stuff clog in it.

If you use a Polaris boosting pump, it’ll provide you with higher strength. It’ll enable your cleaner to collect larger debris while cleaning and warming water all over your pool areas. Thus your pool will stay safe and clean with ease and effortlessly of completion the detailed clean-up of it.

Overall, the Polaris 280 Pressure Side Vac-Sweep Pool Cleaner is your perfect choice with excellent cleaning power and higher performance. Also, we recommend this pool cleaner because of its attractive design and excellent efficacy.


  • Smooth performance
  • Very user-friendly
  • Durable plus reliable
  • Noiseless operation


  • Expensive to maintain

8. Hayward PHS41CST Automatic AquaNaut Pool Vacuum

As usual, the PHS41CST by Hayward is a durable and reliable product from a renowned manufacturer. With amazing features and great design, the model is the best bet for you to accomplish your pool cleaning tasks.

It’s a genuinely incredible pool cleaner with handy features, beautiful design, and work efficacy. A practically smart design with high-quality buildup and premium material, the PHS41CST is the most excellent pool among many other brands and models.

Again, it performs smoothly without any hiccup and significant issues for a long time. Take the advantages of the most proper clean-up using the PHS41CST with 2 wheels and four wheels drive with durable suction power from Hayward.

The features of AqueNaut with variable vanes of self-adjusting, the device is well-equipped with the latest technology of V-Flex. These features allow it to boost the strength for any type of flow and enable the machine to collect more significant debris.

Thanks to its pre-programmed sequences of internal steering, it ensures to cover the shallow and deep edges in the same way with walls. As the pool maintenance and service of the device are straightforward, you’re free of stress for years to buy a new one.

That’s why it’s the perfect pool cleaner with an automatic feature to invest in for optimal outputs. The design of the pool cleaner with durable tire treads offer it better climbing effort on most types of surfaces.

Also, it provides proficiently move around your pool even if it finds blockages like main drains. Three simple throats are interchangeable to enhance the suction power and performance at low flow. As a result, it can pass over the larger debris when it comes to cleaning.


  • Realistic design
  • Excellent suction power
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for the big pools


  • Tough to clean

9. Polaris F9550 In-Ground Sport Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you want a pool cleaner that can provide something more than your expectations, the Polaris F9550 In-Ground Sport Robotic is the perfect automatic pool cleaning device for you. It comes with the most possible features you just get from the premium models to accomplish your cleaning tasks.

As the cleaner highly efficient to work with, it offers top-rated performance. That’s why it standalone many models out there in the current marketplace. Apart from being well-designed, the device is a smooth performer without making any issue.

The progressive above-ground pool robotic cleaner with encouraging 4 wheels, the Polaris F9550, comes with an aquadynamic design. As a result, it’s a genuinely incredible cleaner with superior styling and creative engineering that provides you with new cleaning effort.

Equipped with AquaTrax tires, it’s suitable for most types of pool surfaces along with the latest technology of ActivMotion Sensor. These features enable the machine to provide matchless navigation, even if it finds more significant and free-size pools. The oscillating brushes of the item allow it to scrub out tough stains and dirt with the Vortex Vacuum cleaning technology.

It’s easy to remove debris from the top of this cleaner that comes with features like large lid capacity filters with the canister. That’s why it’s effortless of eliminating the use of dirtbags.

The device offers a robust rear water system driving force to get in touch with debris in stairs and tough to reach corners, while enhanced power makes the jobs get done faster.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a programmable timer for seven days, pre-programmed cleaning patterns, and a handheld remote with a motion sensor. It has a high gauge and alloy caddy with a power coat for convenient transport and storage.


  • User-friendly
  • Extremely durable
  • Smooth performance
  • Efficient to work with


  • Poorly written instructions to use

10. Polaris 3900 Vac-Sweep Sport Pressure Automatic Pool Cleaner

Finally, we’re with another product of the Polaris series, which is an improved and new automatic pool cleaning item. The Polaris 3900 has a unique combination of unmatched power, legendary performance, and incomparable convenience.

The integration of the favorite Polaris series with your beloved creative new improvement ensures durability, reliability, and optimum performance. With the fully redesigned body, the model comes with a unique dynamic appeal with practical features.

As a result, it generates the highest vacuum power with drive torque that provides very few issues like hang-up with quicker cleaning effort. The unique feature of PosiDrive and all-wheel system with the sustainable drive of stainless steel delivers 50% higher torque.

That’s why the cleaner provides you with excellent performance at maximum speed. Thanks to its SuperBag, which is a double chamber bag with zip, it allows the device to store and pick up more dirt and debris.

Thus, it makes your cleaning tasks more comfortable and doesn’t need to do it very often. Also, it can free its own when stuck because of its innovative technology of auto-reverse. With a booster form of pump, it works in most types of inground based pools.

As it circulates about 40-gallon water/minute through the filter bag, it enhances the filtration system of the pool. Because of its TailSweep PRO feature, it can blow out debris from all tough to reach spots like corners.


  • Excellent quality
  • Great performance
  • Comparatively quieter
  • Improved & new design


  • Tough to assemble

Buying Guide

Let’s talk about some essential factors and features that are incredibly crucial for a pool pump. So, ensure having these things with a pump when you go to grab a new one.


For sure, this is a very vital concern that you should consider while buying an automatic cleaner for your pool as nobody likes to buy new automatic pool cleaners every few months or every year. Because these types of filters are a bit expensive, you should choose one that comes with

Higher Durability

That’s why we opted and reviewed all of the durable models of automatic pool cleaners with automatic features. You can ensure getting the highly durable items by checking out the user reviews. It’s because the previous users express their real experience regarding the cleaners.

Wall Climbing

Almost all automatic pool cleaning tools can wall climbing. Also, you should ensure this factor for your one because it’s a very crucial point to must-have with a pool cleaner. But, it’s notable that the definition of all brand’s wall climbing is not similar.

Because of this, you should check this feature with great care while making a purchase. The models with wall climbing ability are a bit expensive but very useful to accomplish your pool cleaning tasks right away and adequately.

Swivel Cable

You may be familiar with the issue that cable knotting might be a major hassle if you ever used pool cleaning tools. Even it can be a handicap of preventing the cleaner from reaching all-around your pool entirely. It’s because it may get worn the cord and stop the cleaning tasks.

But, if you have a pool cleaning tool with a swivel cable, it’ll prevent getting tangled, and it’ll work smoothly all over the pool area. This is why we recommend the swivel type of cable for the best result.


You may think of it as an inferior factor, but you have to carry it to the pool and return to the storage for each time you use it. This is because it should be a bit lighter than you can carry it on with ease.

As a result, you should try to find out the optimum models with less weight to ensure better movement with the device.

FAQs  The Automatic Pool Cleaners

How Frequently My Pool Should Be Cleaned With A Pool Cleaner?

The experts suggest cleaning a pool at least one/ two times per week regardless of size and shape.

Can I Leave My Pool Cleaner Alone To Clean The Pool?

It’s not very accurate even if you use a robotized pool cleaner because pool cleaning tasks require your supervision to do it correctly.

Is It Possible To Use As Pool Cleaner For Commercial Uses?

Yes, you certainly can, and you need to buy a top-quality model to use it for commercial uses.

Should I Take Out The Cleaner From My Pool If It’s ‘Shocking’?

Yes, we recommend removing it from the pools while it’s shocking. Check the user’s manual to fix it. If it doesn’t work, then you should bring it to an expert repairer.


We’re at the end of the review and buying guide. You already learned there are many options while going to buy an automatic pool cleaning tool because of various brands and models.

But, we have included just the famous and high-performing models as they offer a grand return on your investment. So, this is your time to choose any one of the above-said top 10 best products and start cleaning your pool with ease.

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