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24 Best Cleaners for Hardwood Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 4, 2022
Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners

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Want to keep your wood floor shiny and clean? We can help you find the best cleaners for hardwood floors.

Keeping bare floors clean and polished is no easy task! It can require a lot on your end, especially in terms of time and effort.

But we’re here to lighten your load. You can keep wooden floors in tip-top condition if you use cleaners that are made specifically for hardwood. They preserve the finish and prevent damage like scratches and warping.

Before anything else, take note that this post will not focus on vacuums for hardwood floors. Rather, it will concentrate on liquid cleaners. For polishes, please see our other article about protecting your finish.

Now let’s discover the best things to use to clean wood floors.

Quick Overview

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

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24 Best Cleaners for Hardwood Floors of 2022

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray

Regardless of the finish of the hardwood floor that you have, you can be confident that Bona’s floor cleaner will be completely safe to use on it. It’s ready to use with a nozzle on the bottle. All that you need is to spray and mop. Plus, it’s known for drying quickly and does not leave any residue on the surface, and is perfect for large areas. We feel this cleaner is the best overall.

Here’s the truth, though. Some users say that it has quite a strong smell that is similar to ammonia, but that fades as it dries.

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray

2. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop Kit

Make it easier on yourself with the complete kit. Replace that old mop with a new one from Bona. It’s a perfect match for their liquid floor cleaner that comes ready to use with it.

The large microfiber head scrubs up dust, dirt without scratching the finish. There are even rubber bumpers on the corners so you don’t ding the furnishings. It’s washable and straightforward to replace. We feel this is the best hardwood floor cleaner. We feel this cleaner is the best overall.

3. Method Squirt + Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Method’s floor cleaner that does not contain wax or toxic ingredients that could do more harm than good. The light almond scent is also well-loved by many, which is a better alternative compared to those with a strong chemical odor.

It has a plant-based formula, which the manufacturer guarantees to be safe for use in all sealed hardwood floors. It also comes in 100% recycled packaging.

4. Shaw R2x Vibrant Floor Mop Cleaning Kit

Shaw makes hardwood flooring so they know their stuff. Their floor mop kit has everything you need to leave your hardwood kitchen floor spotless. It includes the mop, a spray bottle with cleaner, and two washable pads.

These washable pads are an advantage over competing products like the Swiffer. Users also like the long adjustable handle that is comfortable for taller people.

5. Babyganics Floor Cleaner Concentrate

If you have a baby at home, this cleaner will be a great choice for your hardwood floor. There is no need to worry about the presence of toxic components. There are no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or artificial fragrances. Instead, it has a plant-based formula.

You do not have to rinse the floor after its application. Plus, because of its concentrated formula, you can be confident that a small amount goes a long way.

6. Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner

One thing that we love the most about this product is the fresh orange scent that it leaves on the floor after every application. It dries quickly and it won’t leave any unsightly streaks on the hardwood.

7. Hoover Multi-Floor Plus Hard Floor Cleaner

The brand name itself can already provide you with enough reason to consider it over other alternatives. It’s very concentrated, which means that it will have a powerful cleaning performance while using just a few drops. Unfortunately, you have to be extra careful when using this product as it has ingredients that can irritate the skin and eyes.

8. Bissell 1789 Multi-Surface Cleaning Formula

First, it is important to point out that this is designed specifically for Bissell Spinwave and Crosswave floor cleaners. It can be used even for rugs or carpets. Coupled with the right machine from Bissell, this cleaner has a powerful formula that will make it easy to get rid even of the toughest dirt on the surface. Lastly, it has a Spring Breeze scent, which leaves a refreshing fragrance after cleaning.

But here’s the kicker: we said to avoid wet-mopping your hardwood floor. So why are we recommending a spot cleaning solution for an electric mop? That’s because the Spinwave spot cleaning allows you to control how much water you use.

Less water is less risky for your hardwood. And an electric mop sure comes in handy when there’s a sticky mess to clean up and is easy to use.

9. Bissell Multi-Surface Pet Cleaning Formula

From the same manufacturer as the product that has been mentioned above, this is also great for hardwood floors. The main difference, however, is that its formula is designed for pet owners.

It has Febreeze Freshness, which will leave a fresh scent on the floor, getting rid of the foul odor that accidents leave behind. Also, its formula is seven times concentrated compared to most cleaners, which will make a little go a long way.

10. Bruce Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaner

This is made by a company that has been in the business for more than 85 years, so you can be confident that it’s a reliable product. It is designed for polyurethane floors and is known for not leaving a film.

Despite this, however, there are still some people who complained that it can create streaks on the floor. Make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and to clean thoroughly to prevent such a problem.

11. Touch of Oranges Wood Floor Cleaner

Even for dirt and grime that has been on the hardwood for a long time, this cleaner will be powerful enough to get rid of them. The strength of its formula can be attributed to the use of orange oil.

The orange scent that it leaves on the floor is also a bonus feature because it is so refreshing. The product is useful not only for cleaning, but also for protecting, moisturizing, and restoring the hardwood floor. It does not cause a sticky build-up of wax.

12. Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

This product comes with a no-rinse hypoallergenic formula. That’s good news for allergy sufferers. Just spray and wipe the surface; no worries about unpleasant odors or consequences.

Regardless of the type of wood that you are mopping, you can trust that it will be effective and will not leave streaks once you are done. It uses eco-friendly ingredients, which make it safe not only for humans and pets but also for the environment.

13. Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner & Polish Restorer Combo

Value for money – this is one thing that we loved the most about this. It comes with two bottles – one is the hardwood cleaner while the other one is polished and restorer. Using the two will be a great way to keep the floor in its best condition throughout the years.

The restorer comes with micro-filling technology, which prevents scratches. The cleaner, on the other hand, has a streak-free shine that won’t leave any residue on the surface.

14. ZEP Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

This product is labeled as a multi-surface floor cleaner, and the manufacturer explicitly claims that it can be used for hardwood floors and it will not damage the surface material in any way.

Pet owners take note: more than cleaning, it also deodorizes, allowing it to leave a refreshing scent after every application. Nonetheless, looking at the potential issues, there were some people who noted that it can leave streaks on the floor, but this will depend on the cleaning pads you will use.

15. Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner

This product is packaged in a 128-ounce container, so you will love how it is an economical option. It is made by a trusted company, providing you with the confidence that it will indeed be effective in cleaning the hardwood floor.

It is not only streak-free, but it also has a fresh lemon scent, leaving the floor fragrant without being overwhelming, unlike other chemical-based cleaners. With the use of this product, you can reveal the natural beauty of the floor and make it visually appealing.

16. Nature’s Miracle Dual-Action Hard Floor Cleaner

Save space in your cupboards. This one is an effective choice for hardwood floors and other hard surface materials, including ceramic tiles.

One of the things that you will love the most in this product is odor-lock technology. Basically, the latter is an innovation that allows the permanent removal of odor, which is possible by targeting the source directly. Meanwhile, it has an enzyme formula that provides a protective layer on the top of hardwood.

17. Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

From the famed floor maker themselves comes a ready-to-use formula. There is no need to mix it with water before application on the hardwood floor. Once you are done cleaning, it leaves a refreshing citrus scent on the floor.

As for the shelf life, the manufacturer recommends that it should be used within two years after opening to optimize its benefits. One of the most common complaints, however, is that it is quite expensive compared to most of its competitors.

18. Better Life Simply Floored Natural Floor Cleaner

Do you prefer natural cleaners? The effectiveness of this product comes from its botanical ingredients. It has bergamot, peppermint, and grapefruit extracts, which will work together to clean the hardwood floor while being able to restore its shine at the same time. It does not contain ingredients that are toxic to humans and the environment, such as parabens, petroleum, solvent, alcohol, dyes, ethers, and synthetic fragrances, among others.

19. ProCare Citrus Cleaner

Like most of the products that we have mentioned in this post, this is another one that is capable of providing a streak-free shine on hardwood floors. It has a special formula that maintains a fresh citrus aroma even after you are done cleaning.

To add, it is also well-loved by many people because it is free of harsh chemicals. There are some users, however, who said that despite having a citrus aroma, the persistent fragrance can be annoying.

20. Murphy’s Oil Soap

For an economical product that can be promising in terms of its performance for the hardwood floors, this may prove to be an excellent option. Its ingredients are 98% natural. Moreover, it’s a concentrated formula so that the bottle lasts for a long time.

Just a drop of the oil can already be powerful enough to deal with stubborn dirt. Furthermore, the brand has been in the market for more than a hundred years, so you can have an assurance of its reliability.

21. Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer

The main function of this product is not just to clean a hardwood floor but to also restore its aesthetic appeal. It brings back the shine and luster that has been lost over the years. It keeps the floor looking brand new and expensive.

The high-gloss finish is effective in making the floor more attractive. Additionally, the formula fills the wood to hide scratches. It’s probably the best cleaner for high gloss hardwood floors.

22. Simple Solution Hard Floor Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator

While this is another product that can be effective for mopping, it’s a handy cleaner for hardwood floors and pet hair. Take note that the manufacturer clearly states that this is only for pet stains, not for other problems like grease spots.

Nonetheless, it comes with a dual-action formula, which does not only treat the problem but also prevents it from coming back, making it offer a permanent solution. Lastly, there is an exclusively designed 3-in-1 nozzle, which will allow you to choose from mist, foam, or stream.

23. Grigore’s Natural Floor Cleaner

It may not be as popular as most of the products that have been mentioned above, but it is equally promising in terms of its superior cleaning performance. Regardless of the type of wood that is used on your floor, this will be an effective cleaning product.

It is in a concentrated form and uses citrus as the main ingredient, allowing it to effortlessly tackle even tough dirt and grime on the surface. The fresh fruity scent is a pleasant bonus.

24. Naturally It’s Clean Floor Cleaner

For all hard surface floors, including hardwood, this is another cleaner that should be on your radar. It has plant-based enzymes, which are capable of breaking down tough dirt and leftover food. So, even the most stubborn grime on the surface will not be able to escape.

Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

Naturally It’s Clean Floor Cleaner

By now you have some good ideas about which cleaners to try. Or perhaps you skipped down to this part first to see what we would recommend. In either case, here are our top tips for cleaning your hardwood floor.

First, there’s a lot of hype out there about cleaning with vinegar. Do not clean your hardwood floor with vinegar. The acid will destroy the finish. The same goes for strong chemicals like ammonia.

Next, hardwood floor manufacturers will tell you that wet mopping, i.e. using a mop and bucket full of water with cleaner added, can damage the floor. Spills and standing water may cause your hardwood to warp. Even steam mops can damage the wood.

If you want to learn how to deep clean hardwood floors, you’ll find that a steamer isn’t necessary. Most of the liquid cleaners we reviewed above are sufficiently powerful and don’t need rinsing.

Those are the reasons why we recommend spray cleaners that don’t require rinsing.

You’ve Kept It Dry, but How Do You Keep It Clean?

If we’ve convinced you to use the best hardwood floor cleaner solutions, we’re happy. After all, you’ll probably only need to mop with them once a week or once a month, depending on traffic.

But how do you keep the pet hair and dirt and crumbs under control the rest of the time? That’s where the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors come in handy. You might also enjoy using a Swiffer or similar dust mop. We don’t recommend sweeping unless you have a broom with soft bristles.

vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors

Finally, entrance rugs are an easy way to catch debris before it’s tracked into the house. And area rugs are convenient for protecting busy zones.

Wrap Up

Hardwood floors increase the value of your home. But they can be expensive to install and repair. Make sure that they are well-maintained with the use of the products that we have listed above. They can help in preventing scratches and other visible damages, providing an assurance that your floor will have a standout appeal!

While mopping once a week with a hardwood floor cleaning solution keeps the floor tidy, you might need more. Try one of our recommended floor polishes to boost the shine and restore the floor.

Have you used any other equally effective and impressive hardwood floor cleaner before? Make sure to share your experience below!

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