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24 Best Polishes for Laminate Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 3, 2022
Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish

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You might be asking yourself, “How do I get my laminate floors to shine?” We’re here to answer that question.

In the quest to find out best laminate floor polish, we did a lot of research. We looked at the top brands as well as homemade laminate floor polish.

24 Top Polishes for Laminate Floors (2022 Update)

You can view our search results for the best polish for laminate floors in the reviews below. Now let’s get started on how to make your laminate floor look its best.

1. Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Polish

Bona is a trusted name in the floor care industry. Their Stone, Tile, and Laminate Floor Polish are one of the best tools to keep your bare floors in top condition.

It’s safe for Pergo, marble, granite, vinyl, and unglazed ceramic tile. It’s a perfect solution if you have scratched or dull laminate floors, too.

But here’s the kicker: you need to do at least one of the next two things before you try to polish your floor.

  • Find out what kind of laminate floor you have, i.e., engineered wood or plastic laminate. It’s ideal if you know the brand because it’s easy to know which products are compatible with it.
  • If you don’t know what type of floor you have, please test the product in a small area out of sight. See if it peels up the finish or dries hazy.

You can save yourself a world of problems by considering these two steps before purchasing and polishing the floor.

Now, back to Bona’s stone, tile laminate floor polish. It’s an acrylic waterborne urethane formula. As such, it will make your scratched and dull floor lustrous. The glossy finish lasts for about three months.

For best results, vacuum the floor to make sure to get rid of all the dust and hair. Then use the liquid Bona cleaner and let the floor dry thoroughly.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page see our review of the Bona laminate floor cleaner. We included it in this article because it leaves the floor quite shiny on its own, even without the polish.

What’s the bottom line? Do you need a polish for laminate floors? We found that this is a matter of personal preference. It’s also a bright idea to see what your flooring manufacturer says on the topic. But if you’re going to try shining up a dull laminate floor, stick to one of the top polishes described in this article.

–the Team’s take

2. Bona Pro Series Wt760051164 Stone, Tile, and Laminate Floor Refresher

The Bona Pro Series Floor Refresher is also a water-based urethane coating that revives your laminate floor. It’s safe and easy to use on terrazzo, stone, no-wax linoleum, sealed marble, vinyl, and unglazed tile like Mexican Saltillo. It dries to a satiny semi-gloss finish.

A single 32-ounce bottle is good for about 500 ft.². The company recommends applying the laminate floor polish with a microfiber cloth.

3. Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

Weiman’s polish is good for vinyl laminate, engineered hardwood, finished hardwood, and stone tile. The formula fills in scratches and creates a protective layer on top.

Two benefits include the fact that it dries in half an hour, and it’s safe to use around pets and children. The high-gloss finish brings out the natural color and beauty of the floor.

4. Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner & Polish Restorer Combo

Since Weiman recommends mopping your laminate floor with their own brand’s cleaner before you apply their polish, this two-pack can save you money. It includes the ready-to-use liquid cleaner as well as the Polish Restorer.

Things you may like about these products include the low odor, the non-toxic formulas, and how quickly both dry. Users say the floor cleaner doesn’t have a fragrance. Meanwhile, the polish smells slightly of acrylic but only needs to be applied every few months.

5. Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish

Quick Shine’s laminate floor finish and polish is an American-made polymer product for stone, vinyl, tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. It’s ready-to-use, so all you’ll need to do is squirt it on the floor and spread it with a damp mop. They suggest their microfiber mop bonnets for this purpose.

The maker of Quick Shine is Holloway House. They’ve achieved the Safer Choice Program certification from the EPA. This fact means that this multi-surface floor finish is free from harsh chemicals and non-toxic for people, pets, as well as environment.

6. Rejuvenate Shine Refresher and Protection

Rejuvenate’s polish goes a long way. One quart-sized bottle covers up to 1400 ft.². Its pH-neutral and safe for both laminate and hardwood and linoleum, tile, and sealed stone floors.

The odor-free formula dries to make your floors look new within an hour. It fills in scratches and creates a protective layer on the top. For a perfect shine, use a microfiber mop applicator.

You might be wondering if and making your floor this shiny will make it slippery. This is crazy, but we discovered that Rejuvenate’s laminate floor polish increases traction. The company’s testing found that it makes the floor up to 50% less slippery.

The polymer finish also protects against UV radiation and stains but won’t leave the floor with a waxy residue.

Finally, the laminate floor polish is pH-balanced, water-based, and Greenguard Gold Certified for low chemical emissions.

7. Zep Hardwood and Laminate Floor Refinisher

Zep’s Floor Refinisher revives dull, worn hardwood and laminate. It’s a polyurethane-based product that fills in dings and scratches. Just don’t use it on waxed or oil finishes.

One quart covers 650 ft.² and doesn’t need mixing with anything. For optimal results, apply multiple coats. Allow each coat to dry for half an hour. Then when you’re done, give the floor four hours to cure completely.

8. HOPE’S Floor Revive Floor Shine

Hope’s Floor Revive is designated for any type of sealed floor like laminate or vinyl. It’s a polymer with a pleasant fragrance. Once it dries, the glossy finish defends against black marks and stains for months at a time. One bottle treats 32 square feet.

9. Lamanator Plus Floor Restorer

The Lamanator Plus floor finish is Canadian-made. It has a pleasant aroma, and it’s safe for use around pets.

The company recommends it for protecting laminate, hardwood, cork, and bamboo floors. It seals joints to guard against moisture and fills in scratches and scuffs. Furthermore, the coating contains 24.5% solids to make it exceptionally durable.

10. PRO SHOT 22823 Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer

Pro Shot’s Floor Restorer guards against black marks from shoes. The glossy finish fills scratches and lasts for months. The company calls it “new floors in a bottle.” They say it’s compatible with laminate, sealed wood, vinyl, linoleum, bamboo, flagstone, ceramic tile, and slate.

When you clean the surface before applying the laminate floor polish, make sure to use an appropriate solution. For example, when preparing your bathroom floor, try a tile floor cleaner.

11. Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster and Polish

Some customers have tried Quick Shine’s Hardwood polish on sealed laminate floors. But we recommend caution. It’s based on carnauba wax and may not be compatible with your laminate floor. You can apply it with either a mop or a buffer.

12. Pledge FloorCare Multi-Surface Finish

We’ve heard people ask, “Can you use Pledge on laminate flooring?” The manufacturer answers by saying it’s for sealed floors only. If you test it and find that it doesn’t work for you, you can remove it with ammonia.

13. Libman 2067 Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector

The Libman hardwood floor polish may also restore the shine of your laminate floor. It sets to a satin shine that renews worn spots in high-traffic areas.

Each 32-ounce bottle of the polymer compound is ready-to-use. It comes in a squirt top format made of PET plastic.

14. Scott’s Liquid Gold Floor Restore

Scott’s floor polish is made for hardwood floors but might be compatible with a laminate that has a polyurethane finish. Users say the glossy finish lasts for months.

15. Restore-A-Floor Floor Finish

This floor polish might be just what you need to rejuvenate worn-out laminate flooring. One bottle takes care of 600 ft.². That’s convenient when you can use it for hardwood, vinyl, and marble, too.

16. Orange Glo 4-in-1 Monthly Hardwood Floor Polish

Orange Glo’s hardwood floor polish smells citrusy. It cleans at the same time that it fills in scratches. Then it dries, leaving a bright finish. But it’s a wax designed for hardwood, and it may leave a hazy residue on laminate.

While we’re on the topic of waxes, you might be curious whether you can use Mop N’ Glo on laminate floors. That’s a legitimate question as it’s a popular product. But it’s a wax that will leave a residue. Even though it makes your floor gleam at first, you may find removing the build-up to be a major pain later.

–Lawrence’s take

17. Bruce Fresh Finish for Wood Floors

The Bruce Fresh Finish is formulated for urethane-finished hardwood floors or laminate. It’s best for reviving dull floors, not treating new ones. One quart bottle offers 500 ft.² coverage.

18. Koblenz High Gloss Protective Floor Finish

Although some users rave about the Koblenz laminate floor polish, it’s a finished wax that seals bare floors. You might find that it works on your laminate, but it’s smart to test it first. It’s best for ceramic, marble, tile, vinyl, and concrete.

19. Lundmark Wax LUN-3201G01-2 All Floor Wax

Lundmark says that their high-gloss wax finish is for all floor types. It needs an electric polisher for maximum shine. Plus, it creates a durable, waterproof, anti-slip finish that lasts for months. Most likely, as appealing as it sounds, this is not the best choice for laminate floors.

Now let’s change gears. Our next few selections are laminate floor cleaners that give you the glossy finish you crave without any risk of damage to your flooring. They are ready-to-use and won’t leave a residue or need rinsing.

20. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner Spray

Here is Bona’s floor cleaner spray. Use it on laminate floors, LVT, sealed tile, vinyl, linoleum, stone, and marble. In other words, you can pretty much clean all the bare floors of your home with this one product.

The water-based formula is Greenguard Gold Certified to have low VOC emissions. It’s safe around pets, people and gentle to the environment. All you have to do is open the protective cap of the spray bottle, spray, and mop. It dries quickly without streaking.

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21. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond also makes an excellent laminate cleaner. You can use it on engineered flooring and hardwood if you like. Besides removing dirt, it also keeps debris from adhering to the floor in the future. That’s because it has their PS3 poly shield additive.

This American-made biodegradable cleaner doesn’t need rinsing and shouldn’t streak. It’s non-toxic for use around children and pets.

22. Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Bruce’s floor cleaner is created for urethane finishes on no-wax floors like laminate. Customers have commented they prefer it to some store brands because it doesn’t leave a residue.

23. Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Armstrong’s floor cleaner is good for removing stains and general mopping. The agreeable citrus fragrance freshens up room air while it dries to a shiny, streak-free finish.

This is a product made by a flooring manufacturer. If you have Armstrong floors, chances are this is what they would recommend to you.

24. Zep Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Zep’s cleaner works on both engineered and solid wood floors, whether they are hardwood or laminate. But avoid spraying it on floors with grout or those with an oil finish or wax.

The no-rinse cleaner removes stains and scuffs while restoring a glossy finish. Then you might decide not even to apply polish. You can also use it on cabinet doors and wooden surfaces with varnish, acrylic, or polyurethane finishes.

The Cheapest Ways to Clean Laminate Floors Before Polishing

You already know that you’ll need to vacuum and/or dust-mop before you polish the floor. But if you happened to forget to buy a laminate floor cleaner, you have two other options.

Pergo is one of the top manufacturers of laminate flooring. They advise mopping with 1 cup of vinegar mixed into a gallon of warm water. It’s a mild and non-toxic way to keep your laminate floor clean and beautiful.

The same company also recommends cleaning Pergo laminate with 1/3 cup ammonia in 1 gallon of warm water.

LoveSome White Distilled Vinegar

Here’s the truth: white distilled vinegar is the best kind of cleaning because it’s colorless. This inexpensive vinegar is perfect for mopping laminate floors or sprinkling on your spinach.

PARSONS Ammonia All-Purpose Cleaner

The advantage of this ammonia is that it has a lemon fragrance. The scent balances out the chemical odor which is common in other floor cleaners.

What’s the Best Way to Polish Laminate Floors?

The best way to make laminate flooring gleam when you polish it is to follow the instructions of the product you’re using. We know you were hoping for an insider secret. But that’s the best tip we can give you.

When you polish the floor, you’ll need to clean it first properly. Horror stories abound on the Internet shared by people who didn’t remove all the pet hair first.

You can avoid other problems by using an appropriate amount of laminate floor polish. What’s more, give the floor enough time to dry completely. If you live in a humid environment, allow extra time.

Generally speaking, you’ll move to the farthest corner of the room and squirt the polish on the floor. Use a lint-free mop to spread it in small sections. Then work your way back toward the exit.

If you’re treating a high-traffic zone, apply a second coat after the first dries. Then if it’s possible to wait a day before replacing furniture and walking on the floor, it ensures that the polish cures.


Are you feeling enthusiastic about polishing your laminate floor? If so, help us improve our recommendations. Let us know which product you tried and how it worked for you.

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