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7 Best Pool Vacuum Heads: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 8, 2022
Best Pool Vacuum Head

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While having the best quality head of your pool vacuum cleaner, it works more effectively to keep clean your pool. For this reason, there is a growing popularity of buying a new head when it gets old or doesn’t work rightly.

In any case, everybody wants to get a vacuum head that’s durable and maneuverable. Overall, it should be as inexpensive as high performing to accomplish your pool cleaning tasks with ease.

Depending on the type of head of your vacuum cleaner, it gets a significant difference in the way and the amount of work it’ll do. That’s why you might educate yourself on the available, top-rated products in the market these days.

So, we’re going to share some such types of heads for your vacuum unit that will help you to get done your cleaning tasks.

Top 7 Best Pool Vacuum Head

Swimline Vacuum Head With Weighted Flex

When you get lots of leaves and debris on your outdoor pool, you might be thinking got to hire a professional cleaning company to help you clean it. But, if you consider the expense that you need to pay them, you can buy a better head for your pool vacuum cleaner.

In this issue, the Swimline Vacuum Head could be your best choice. Offering with blue plus white themed vacuum head is an attractive product that provides optimum results. As its name suggests, this is a weighted head, which is why the models are broad.

Also, designed to embrace your concrete floor of the pool much, it’s better than many other available ordinary models. If the current one is making you struggling while doing the cleaning tasks, why not take this comfortable and effortless one?

The unit doesn’t want you to be an expert cleaner to assemble and operate the head. Indeed, high-quality plastic made vacuum head is preassembled. So, you’re all set to work with it right after unpacking.

The silicone made wheels of the vacuum head smooth enough and safe for the walls of your pool. Included an onboard handle with Snap-Adapt type, it fits on vacuum hoses with 1½ inches to 1¼ inches width.

So, simply connect its one end with the skimmer of the pool and start cleaning it. With a 14-inch large head, it’s a perfect piece of head that can clean almost all types of pools. So, we highly recommend the model for the best results to clean up your outdoor pools.


  • Wider design head
  • Wheels are pool-safe
  • Weighted design
  • Straightforward to control


  • Not enough weight as it should be

Swimline’s Hydro Tools Half-Moon Weighted Vacuum Head

Are you seeking a uniquely designed head of your pool vacuum? Your search ends here while choosing the Swimline’s Hydro Tools Half-Moon Weighted Vacuum Head. The Swimline is a bestselling brand for many pool owners, and this product is no exception to that.

Designed with sturdy plastic, half-moon, this popular item will make your pool cleaning task as effortless as fun. The head is wide enough to clean your pool effectively with a 10-inch width that allows you to clean big pools within a session.

Also, we can’t leave the review without saying about its invaluable weighted design. No matter what the pool type you have, the device is simple to control underwater. Also, the head goes through and helps you to clean tough to reach spots of your pool without making any issue.

Many homeowners like to have automatic skimmers for keeping their pools clean and order. Despite their effectiveness, they’re just useful to cover the pool surfaces. But, when cleaning the bottom of the lake is your main concern, you should not wait to buy the HydroTools.

Apart from well-designed and engineered, the product is also affordable in price. Besides, you can use this user-friendly head after a simple assembling like some other standard tools you have in your house.

The pole of the head is easy to fit with the most types of vacuum cleaners with 1½ inches to 1¼ inches larger vacuum hose. Low maintenance of the head is another great thing to know about it, and durability is an additional point to refer to in this case.


  • Weighted design
  • Long-lasting plastic head
  • Disposable brushes
  • Suitable for most types of hoses


  • A bit unstable

Poolmaster Air Relief Pool Vacuum Head With Vinyl Liner

Pools with vinyl liners are much popular all over the world due to their reasonable price. They’re not just durable; they’re also charming and easy to upkeep if you have the proper cleaning tools.

In this case, the Poolmaster Air Relief Pool Vacuum can be your best friend when you want to clean your pool. Coming with a 13-inch, more extensive cleaning length, the head has enough space.

As a result, you’ll be able to cover a larger area while cleaning. So, if your pool is more extensive, this model is great enough to save you lots of time during cleaning.

Engineered with the unique design of the vacuum head, it’s perfect for cleaning up your pools is made of the vinyl liner. ABS plastic is its made material that makes this vacuum head very durable that prevents o break or crack.

Besides, while using the head, it can hold enough pressure that comes on it many ways. That’s the device boost up the performance in the way you want. In need of different types of debris and dirt you’re cleaning, it’s easy to adjust the suction that avails the optimum results.

Unlike some other models, you don’t have to use any particular types of add-ons when you need to use the vacuum head. Besides, you’re free of stress regarding the fitting with your pool poles because it fits on the most common types of poles.

All of its useful features and functions encouraged us to recommend the vacuum head.


  • Wider plastic head
  • Sets well with all ordinary poles & hoses
  • Sturdy ABS plastic parts
  • Flexible suction level


  • Non-swiveling head

Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View Triangular Vacuum

In the classic collection of Poolmaster heads for the vacuum cleaner, 27514 is a prevalent model all over the world. When you have a head that scratches your pool or unable to make it clean the right way, this item will do it effectively.

As it’s designed with a triangular shape, this vacuum head is spacious enough to accomplish your outdoor pool cleaning task better way. Thanks to its 11-inch broad head, you can use it for larger pools to clean them up without any issue.

Also, you can save lots of time instead of spending hours cleaning your pools every week. Coming with Clear-View design, this model is equipped with an exceptional head that provides you better outcomes.

Made of see-through ABS plastic, this product is extremely durable than many others of a similar price range. So, you can get years of hard-working service from this novel device. Besides, while experiencing the complete view, it makes monitoring of your cleaning tasks with ease.

Due to its enough weight, this vacuum head is not just better resistance of floating; it also bumps your vinyl liner from the possible scratches. Thus, you can use it for the most types of outdoor pools safe and with a thorough cleanup.

Also, cleaning your repository using this vacuum head is much enjoyable as you can move the item with simple effort. And importantly, you don’t need to use a costlier pump for the pool to use with this model.


  • Disposable polypropylene brushes
  • Spacious design
  • Defensive vinyl bumper
  • Weighted float resistance


  • Non-durable bristles

ATIE PoolSupplyTown Professional-Grade Weighted Vacuum Head

If you need to clean your outdoor pool just like a professional does, you don’t want to get an expensive and bulkier vacuum head when you have the ATIE PoolSupplyTown. Weighted vacuum head that boosts up your pool cleaning tasks where many other models fail.

As it’s designed for the new users and professionals, this item is exceptionally user-friendly that anybody can work with it. When you have a vacuum cleaner with a 1.5 inches hose along with a flexible pole, it’s effortless to use after just taking beyond the box.

As a handier product, it allows you to reach the spots such as the bottom side of the pool that are tough to clean with other products. Despite being a bit inexpensive, this head of the pool vacuum is valuable. That’s all set to help you with all the ways you need.

Measuring with a more massive head with 14-inch, it allows you to get done your pool cleaning tasks in a time-saving manner. As a result, you can avoid spending hours in every week’s pool cleaning while using this head.

With a design of making fun and enjoyment of your pool cleaning tasks, the model is also long-lasting and comes with easy maneuvering while using underwater. Swiveling handle is made of chrome coated metal is perfect for providing you the optimum outputs.

As it’s performing well with its large and more massive head, the design of the unit is suit fit to meet the need to clean almost all types of outdoor pools.


  • Wide head with sturdy ABS plastic
  • Better float resistance
  • Easy-rolling wheels
  • Suitable for the most vacuum hoses


  • Faster fittings degrade

Hayward SP1068DL Super Vac Pool Cleaner Head

As its name suggests, the Hayward SP1068DL Super Vac is genuinely a powerful head for your pool vacuum that provides you better outcomes. You’ll find the accessories and the cleaning tasks much enjoyable and fun, as it has featured with a robust see-through head.

If you use it for the above-ground pool, you get it easy to monitor the spot has cleaned and been clean. For this great feature, you can cover substantial areas quickly without using lots of effort. You’ll get expected results for its all practical features and functions when you’ll use it to clean your pool.

Among many other helpful features, the major one includes the long bristles that help it to loosen all dirt with ease. The head is usable for cleaning hard algae areas and comfortable to clean tough to reach spots in your pool.

The notable thing is that you’ll get the expected results regardless of the size and share of the lake you have. As it iComing with contour design, it’s easy to hold while working underwater. To complete your pool dirt-free, it doesn’t require any special techniques or skills.

Also, you can boost up the floating resistance features of the model if you use a non-compulsory weight package. If you’re one of them who have large pools and need to work for a long time, you’ll love this device because it’ll help you to finish your tasks in a small amount of time.


  • Head is ABS plastic made
  • Long bristles
  • Sturdy hose connectors
  • Rotating pole connector (up to 360 degrees)


  • Not enough weighty

Milliard 14-Inch Flexible Spa & Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard offers a high-quality head for your pool vacuum cleaner for the optimum results. So, you’re all set to clean debris and dirt from your pool plus spa floors with ease.

You can save some bucks if you plan to purchase two heads at a time for doing the tasks, as it’ll serve you with a better part of the total cost. As it’s made of the flexible plastic body, the head stands alone from many other available models of different brands.

The durable curved design of the head is excellent enough to maintain better contact with pool floors. With boosted suction, it allows you to clean various types of outdoor pools with a faster speed with little effort.

Unlike the past time when people spent hours cleaning their pools every week, you’ll not catch by this issue anymore. As its name suggests, this pool vacuuming head is undoubtedly extremely flexible.

An amazingly useful device for your pool s equipped with enough weight that has better-floating resistance. As a result, you’ll never need to employ lots of effort to upkeep your pool’s floor when it needs cleaning.

Also, you’re free of stress while using the product because it works safely and prevents your floor from damaging or scratches.

Thus, all of its useful features and functions encouraged us to recommend the vacuum head. Coming with lower maintenance of the head is another great thing to know to describe it.


  • Great handle adapter with port
  • Durable head with ABS plastic
  • Included with rolling wheels
  • Better float resistance


  • Wheels are tempted to break easily

Buying Guide

Just knowing about the best products is not a great way of finding the desired one. You also need to know about the factors that particularly should have in your chosen product. Let’s see what the factors are that you need to know well.


For many practical reasons, vacuum heads with triangular shapes are preferable for your outdoor pool. The design is perfect for cleaning your larger pool and especially their corner spots that are a bit tougher to reach with some other shapes.


As it’s a great way to make your pool cleaning tasks simpler, this shape is highly suggested than other ordinary models. The other reason is that they typically come with wheels so that you can move them quickly.


Vacuum heads with some wheels are the excellent choice that will allow you to accomplish the cleaning tasks of your pool. When you go under the water, it becomes a convenient feature in terms of moving the head.


However, don’t forget the right shape of the wheels as it’s also a great matter to consider completing the cleaning tasks faster. Avoiding the rectangular-shaped wheels is always a great thing to keep in mind. In any case, if you purchase a head with no wheels, you’ll find it tough to clean the pool.


You can’t avoid a bit wider vacuum heads if you want to get done your cleaning tasks faster. Broad heads work for the vast area of your pool and clean it without spending extra time.


Handles of vacuum heads are also very crucial parts, and you should choose the easy to carry and use one from the stainless steel and plastic models. In any case, plastic made handles are the best choice.

FAQs & Answers About The Best Pool Vacuum Heads

How Durable Is My Vacuum Head For The Pool?

It typically depends on the frequency of uses. Usually, a better quality handle may good to use for at least two years.

How Can I Connect A Head On The Pool Vacuum?

You don’t need to worry about it as connecting ahead with your vacuum is very easy. First off, connect your pole with the head of the vacuum and then fix the hose’s one end to your vacuum head.

How Should I Use A Head Of The Pool Vacuum?

When you have set up the head with hose, you’re all set to start cleaning the dirt and debris.


That’s all about the best pool vacuum heads. And it’s time to choose from the perfect one. You can buy any one of the enlisted products because all of them have been selected with in-depth research.

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