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Best Robot Vacuums For Hardwood Floors: Reviews & Buyers Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 3, 2022
Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

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Some people find vacuuming very interesting. But, most of them don’t find enough time to do it. As a result, dirt and debris accumulate and they make allergens out of control. This is very true for the people who have pets in their house.

What if your home cleaning methods get done automatically? Yes, it’s quite possible if you purchase a robot vacuum cleaner to clean your hardwood floors. Like the standard vacuum cleaners, lots of different brands and models are out there for the robot vacuum.

So, it’s a bit tough to find out the best one as per your preferences and needs. No worries, we’re going to share some best quality robot vacuum machines with a buying guide and a FAQs section.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

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5 Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors (2022 Updated)

1. Roborock S6 App Control Robot Vacuum

As its name suggests, the Roborock S6 is an app-controlled robot vacuum cleaner. Like some other great models of robot vacuums, the S6 comes with a better suction unit. Indeed, it’s somewhat more preferable than some other top-rated models of famous brands out there.

This is the largest reason to get the top position in this review list and you’ll find all options and advantages that come with the expensive models. These include zoned cleaning, scheduling, smart connectivity, mopping, and a higher number of PA (Pascal Pressure).

Indeed, PA is the unit of pressure that the machine uses and it offers 2000PA, which is a higher number among its range of price. The rule is that the higher the amount of PA, the potent your robot vacuum is. It’s easy to deal with dirt using the S6 due to its enough processing strength.

As a result, it not just maps, it also identifies rooms along with knowing their shapes. So, you’re all set to make your schedule of cleaning from a single room to many rooms and even the entire house.

This vacuum is smart enough to find the quickest way to clean every room as per its shape. The suction of the unit is very powerful to lift a batter of AA size.

It means that the device can work so quietly to work at mid-night without making any noise. Apart from being a vacuum, the S6 has a mop that can make your floor a very shiny gleam.


  • Wonderful suction
  • Correct mapping & zoned cleaning
  • Runs quietly
  • Carpet boost


  • The app is a bit confusing

2. Eufy 11S BoostIQ RoboVac Vacuum Cleaner

The Eufy RoboVac 11S is a super-slim vacuum cleaner equipped with the latest BoostIQ technology. It has a great suction power of 1300PA that ensures you to clean your carpets and floors clear off all dust, dirt, and crumbs.

For the best results, you should use it on the carpet with a low-pile along with laminate, hardwood floors, and tile. It’s very affordable that doesn’t mean it comes with fewer features or functions. Instead, the vacuum is an amazing performer and sleek in design.

It can go to the places where most other expensive robotic vacuums are unable to go in. Apart from included with a remote controller, the vacuum comes with extra filters, cable ties, and extra brushes.

Another good thing about the RoboVac is that it has a one-year-long warranty. Many experts have tested the unit and have recommended for use of a wonderful device for those who are considering buying a robotic vacuum.

This is why this vacuum has become very popular among users because of its price, design, power, and efficiency. The unit is equipped with a combination of a double layer filter along with a high-quality filter to get your home clean up done.

As it has different cleaning modes plus a preinstalled vacuuming time, it makes sure thorough cleaning of your home without a higher effort. It’s because it’ll do its tasks when you’re busy with some other things.


  • Sleek design
  • Cleans quietly
  • Affordable
  • Highly efficient


  • Lacks of different useful features

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3. iRobot Roomba i7+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re with the issue of emptying your robotic vacuum’s dustbin after completing the task, you’ll find the solution with this vacuum. This is the most common problem of the most robotic vacuum.

But, it’s not any more issue for you when you have the Roomba i7+ robotic vacuum that comes from the production line of the iRobot.

As the manufacturer has to turn into synonymous with the term “robotic vacuum,” it prides itself on being ahead of many other brands and models.

They also have resolved the pinpoints of the customers with their innovative technology. As a result, you’re investing in your house when you buy this product of iRobot.

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Coming with a 3-stage premium cleaning system with double rubber brushes, the unit provides you powerful cleaning experience guided by elegant mapping technology.

This is why it does not just learn and maps, it also adapts to every room of your house. Another good feature of the device is that you can control it using your smart devices like a smartphone.

So, you’ll get an accurately custom clean home without interrupting your regular tasks. As it knows all the rooms of your house from the kitchen to the living room, you can control it by setting the options when you need to clean a room.

Thanks to the Smart Mapping technology, the vacuum can identify which way is the best for it when it goes to clean a room.


  • Auto dirt disposal
  • Memorizes various floor plans
  • Easy to control using smartphones
  • Zone cleaning & scheduling


  • A bit expensive

4. Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

When you’re in shortage of time due to office or some other jobs, your home cleanup may remain untreated. In any case, this is not expected and you have a simple solution while using the POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum of the famous Samsung electronics.

It can manage the vacuuming tasks 20X more strongly in comparison to the common robot vacuums.

As a result, it’ll save you time and effort that you’re in search of with the latest design wheels come with Easy Pass. This technology helps the device to run smoothly over the possible obstacles while moving around from carpet to hardwood floors and vice versa.

Thanks to its innovative Edge Clean with a rubber blade that enables it to clean up to difficult to reach spots of the house.

The unit is the combination of the latest technology like the easy connectivity of Wi-Fi, Alexa and Google Assistant, and more. These added features help you to control the robotic vacuum remotely using your voice commands or smartphones.

Regardless of its medium price range, the vacuum comes with the most useful and practical features that you need to make your vacuuming tasks simpler. Due to its flat front side design, the unit can reach the corners of your home with ease.

Equipped with the FullView Sensor of Samsung and Visionary Mapping, it can choose the easier cleaning path.

Thus it does a great job and the users are happy enough to use the device that has reflected on the consumers’ reviews. Another good thing about this vacuum is it has a one-year-long warranty.


  • Easy connectivity with Wi-Fi
  • Supports voice command
  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Very powerful performance


  • The brush sticks with pet hair

5. Neato Robotics Laser-Guided D7 Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

As the first manufacturer of the D-shaped robotic vacuums, Neato Robotics is famous for its uniqueness. While some other companies are following their lead, they’re continuing their presence with innovative technology.

Thus, its D7 Connected is the illustration of their innovation. The most common issue of pet lovers is the pet hair as it doesn’t quit anyway. The issue gets tougher when it goes to the places where hard to get there.

Keeping this in mind, the manufacturer has designed this D-shaped robotic vacuum that will make things easier. Also, the D7 is equipped with No-Go virtual lines that ensure leave things at the right place. We feel this is one of the best robot vacuums out there.

This feature also tells the robot vacuum where it should go and where it should not. As a result, the unit never sticks with anything no matter there are remaining clothes or pet bowls on the way of the vacuum.

Besides, its performance filter works great as it’s made with the standard of the HEPA material. This is why it sucks the smaller particles like your pet’s hair without feeling them tough.

The vacuum is also suitable for bigger homes as it can run up to 120 minutes in a single charge of its battery. And it’ll charge itself while it’s running on low power, which is a great and very useful feature.


  • Easy to reach every corner
  • Zoned cleaning
  • Stylish app design
  • Long battery life


  • Slower Wi-Fi connectivity

Buying Guide 

While going to shop for a robotized vacuum cleaner, knowing about some features and considering factors is very crucial. This is why we’re with this buying guide.

It’ll help you to find the perfect product. Well, let’s know what the deciding things are that you need to keep in mind when you buy a robotic vacuum.

Cleaning Capabilities

Know which robot vacuums are capable of removing pet hair and which ones are good for your carpets. While taking some more time to know these things, you’ll find which one is suitable as per your needs.

Some of them work well with carpet while some others go well with hardwood floors. So, when you need to clean your hardwood floors, you have to buy a robot vacuum with mops. However, if you own pets, ensure the pet-friendly vacuum rather than the common ones.

Battery Life 

It’s another extremely vital factor for the robotic vacuum because you like to use a vacuum to cover your floor as much as possible while it’s working.

If you choose the advanced one, it’ll return to the docks if its battery gets low in mid-cycle. It’ll recharge and get started again on the remaining tasks. So, you have to decide how long you need to make it work.

Thus, you can decide how much time you need with your robotic vacuum. Usually, a robotic vacuum with 90 to 120 minutes long battery life is ideal for most types of floors.

Wi-Fi Connectivity 

While you’re adding your robot vacuum to the home Wi-Fi system, it’s easy to control using a mobile app. Also, some of them support voice commands that are another great thing to use the device with ease.

This is very useful to keep cleaning your house even if you’re not in it because you have the option to operate the vacuum from a remote area. Also, while using apps, they allow you to set your desired cleaning schedules along with setting boundaries and cleaning modes.

Likewise, you can monitor the location of the vacuum. These features are as useful as appreciated to choose with your next robotized vacuum cleaner if you don’t have them.

Noise Level 

The much quieter robot vacuum is preferable to louder ones. It’s because it’ll help you to avoid annoying noise while, sleeping, working or watching TV.

Robotized vacuums that come with a 55dB of noise level are good for regular use if you like to enjoy a quiet environment. Also, it’s OK the vas with 65dB to 70 dB rather than choosing the louder ones because they’ll make it hard to sleep while working.

FAQs of the Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Will Robot Vacuums Certainly Work On My Hardwood Floors?

Absolutely yes, they’ll work on your hardwood floors. The proof of it is its thousands of users.

Why Is It Important To Buy Robotic Vac With Better Runtime?

The largest reason is that it needs a good amount of time to clean your room. So, a robotic vacuum with 90 to 120 minutes long battery life is ideal for most types of floors.

Which One Is Preferred Among Motorized Brush & Beater Bar?

As motorized brushes work better than a beater bar, it’s recommended with the robot vacuum.

Can Robotized Vacuums Clean Up My Pet’s Hair?

Certainly, they can clean up your pet’s hair. But, you have to look at the user’s reviews and high-quality products to get it done well.


In the end, it depends on you which robotic vacuum is the right fit for you. It’s because just you can realize what features you need with it as per the need of your house.

In any case, you’re all set to get the best outputs if you choose any one of the above-said lists because we have selected them after wide research with lots of contemplations.

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