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5 Best Steam Mops For Hardwood Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 8, 2022
Best Steam Mop For Hardwood Floors

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Are you looking for some high-quality steam mops to keep your hardwood floors clean? You’re at the right place to find your desired product that will help you to accomplish your cleaning tasks.

Using a steam mop on the hardwood floors can do something more than only removing dirt. It allows you to steam away stuck-on stains, footprints, smears, and cake dirt from the hardwood floors.

So, you can brighten up your hardwood floors using the best steam mops that will restore the original luster of your home. But, they’ll work effectively without using harsh chemicals.

Well, let’s know about some perfect and practical steam mops that are great to use on your hardwood floors.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

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 5 Best Steam Mop For Hardwood Floors

1. Bissell PowerFresh 1940A Hardwood Floors Steam Mop

This Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is the bestseller on Amazon because of many reasons. Over 12, 000 positive reviews from its users ensure you that the steam mop is worth buying.

You’ll get optimum steam cleaning while using the steam mop by Bissell Powerfresh with an amazing fresh scent. It’s natural to find dried and tough messes on the hard floor as well as tile and grout.

So, you can use a steam mop that comes with a simple flip-down scrub brush to take out the stubborn dirt easily and quickly.

If you use floor sanitizers, it’ll help you to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and other germs in your households.

This Powerfresh deluxe is user-friendly and makes the steam cleaning process easy.

Coming with the pads made of microfiber, there are instructions to use a steam mop in the right way to get the optimum performance. If you buy this Bissell Powerfresh steam mop, you’ll be able to save pets because it supports the Bissell Foundation of Pet that works to help save homeless pets. Plus, the 3-in-1 design means you’re getting three steam cleaners for the price of one.

Also, this Bissell Powerfresh steam mop helps you to remove dirt and grime from every corner of your house because of its higher flexibility.

It’s a common issue for the other steam mops to use in the corners that leave dirt. This Powerfresh deluxe has a bumper with a cushion that prevents your floors from getting scratches. The water tank of the steam mop is large enough to hold 16oz of liquid for continuous steam. We feel this is the best overall for cleaning hard floors.

This is how cleaning your hardwood floor, tile, and linoleum floors with ease. Also, this removable water tank is easy to detach and it is easy to fill with tap water whenever you need it.


  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Footswitch for Flip down Easy-Scrubber brush
  • The water heats up within 30 seconds
  • Fragrance discs give an extra boost of odor elimination power.
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for Hard-wood flooring
  • Safe to use
  • Simple to maneuver
  • Long power cable


  • A bit delicate cap of the water bottle

2. O-Cedar Steam Mop Microfiber With One Extra Refill

As we always recommend checking for additional uses and accessories, the O-Cedar Steam Mop is the best one on our list.

It’s because this steam mop is not just suitable for hardwood floor cleaning, it also allows you to use with your carpets and rugs. Anybody will love to use these additional features that make it more acceptable to its users at this price range.

If you need to use a steam mop in tight areas while cleaning, its size will favor you. While using a steam mop, you’re all set to clean your floors without any type of chemicals.

As a result, the process of going through this steam mop is not just safe for most types of hardwood floors; it’s also an extremely effective way to clean.

Coming with a pad that’s made of microfiber, you can wash them about 25 times. Steam mopping makes the cleaning of your carpets the way you can refresh and revive them.

When you need to glide and swivel across the floors which are basically hard to reach areas, you can use it with ease. Thanks to its easy cleaning design, you can use the steam mop to reach tough areas and corners for optimum results.

As a result, cleaning of the different types of floor surfaces gets easier than ever it was along with safety and effectiveness. Another good thing about using a steam mop is that it takes just 20-seconds from getting plugged in to start steaming.


  • Gets heat up faster
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable in price
  • One-year-long warranty
  • Washable


  • Not included with an indicator to refill

3. Light‘N’Easy Steam Mop 7618ANW For Hardwoods & Tiles

No matter the Light‘N’Easy Steam Mop 7618ANW is the large staple for your household you may have expected in this review.

But, “Light n Easy” offers a great to use steam mop that’s used and highly recommended by thousands of users across the world. These “Light n Easy” steam mops are not just perfect for your hardwood floors; it can be your best friend when you need to clean any other type of floor.

These include tiles, rugs, carpets, and many more. In terms of its water tank capacity, it’s suitable for the smaller surfaces in a little time.

But, it’s wide enough that allows you to accomplish the cleaning tasks decently with its 1150-watt of higher temperature. These steam mops are equipped with a useful carpet glider for flexible floor mopping.

You’ll find its handle comes with an extremely soft dirt grip that will give a safe and convenient user experience. It’s a great difference from other mops because it trims down the effort while mopping around on your hardwood floors.

Controlling the steam of the unit is impressive and unique. Also, it works intelligently that’s why when you stop moving the steam mop, it stops generating steam. With this top-quality steam mop, you’ll get a long warranty for one year. We feel this is best for hardwood floors.

This is very preferable and the sign of durable quality products. It doesn’t matter these steam mops have a smaller water tank with 7.4oz of holding capacity because it’s lightweight and safe for different types of floors. Also, keep in to use steam mops that are compact and lightweight. It works perfectly well for sealed hardwood floors.


  • These steam mops are safe for use on all types of floors
  • Lightweight design
  • The water heats up within 30 seconds
  • Simple to handle
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Takes less time to be heated


  • A bit flimsy

4. Bissell 94E9T Titanium Steam Mop

Using the 94E9T Titanium Steam Mop of Bissell means you’re all set to get all the essential features that you need to keep your floor surfaces clean. These include a swivel head, lightweight, and safe steaming.

Also, this comes with two steam mop pads this steam mop offers a soft and scrubbing strip that will provide you better cleaning experience. With the surprising and affordable price of the product, you’ll be simply surprised with these steam mops.

This is why it’s another entry of the Bissell production line. But, these steam mops are suitable for those who like to use a single steaming level that’s not adjustable. Most users recommended this product to use on your hardwood floors.

But, you should be a bit cautious when you use it on laminated floors as you can’t adjust the stem. In any case, you can give a deep-clean of your floors without using buckets and a steam mop.

It’s because the product is as maneuverable as light in weight. As a result, you can use it effortlessly and its triangular shape helps you to reach tough areas where most steam mops can’t.

Also, the powerful steam clean will help you to clean and sanitize your hard floors without using hard chemicals that are very harmful to you and for your floors as well.

It just uses tap water to do all tasks in terms of cleaning your floors. This comes with two steam mop pads that are made of microfiber and are disposable pads, these steam mops are ready to deal with normal and stubborn stains plus sticky messes.


  • Affordable
  • Works on different surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly


  • Unable to clean ceramic tile and grout precisely

5. Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop 

Finally, we have another steam mop of the famous Bissell production house. The best thing about these steam mops is that it is the cheapest among other steam mops in this list and many others in the market.

So, if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly steam mop, the Bissell 1806 PowerFresh is your perfect choice. As these steam mops come with a 23-foot long power cord, it allows you to work around a room without restriction.

The steam mop has a water tank that’s easy to fill up, so it’s effortless to refill with tap water. Most importantly, it has equipped with nice fragrance discs that help you to keep the room free of odors. And it leaves you a fresh as well as a pleasant scent. We feel this is one of the best steam mops out there. It works perfectly well for sealed hardwood floors.

Among the two pads that are made of microfiber, one is to use for removing normal stains while cleaning stains on flexible flooring materials. Another one is to remove tough stuck-on stains while working on your hard floors.

Thanks to these rotating pads, they make it much easier to clean up for the steam mop. The detachable handheld steamer and the mop head of the steam cleaner have connected with a rotating joint. As a result, it becomes simple to move in all directions while working. We feel this is the best overall for cleaning hard floors.

Coming with a digital steam controller, you can choose the amount of steam for various flooring systems. Thus, it’ll protect the hard floor from being damaged.


  • Extremely cheap steam mop
  • Easy to filling the tank
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Perfect for Hard-wood flooring
  • Long cord for power supply
  • Digital steam controller


  • Unable to remove pet hair

Buying Guide 

Knowing about some features and considering factors are very crucial when you’re going to shop for a high-quality steam mop. That’s why you need to go through a buying guide. Also, it’ll help you to buy a suitable item.


Steam mops come in different classes. Some steam mops are very light in weight while some others are heavier. If you buy models with 5-pound of weight, you’ll find it very simple to move and lift.

But, if it’s a unit of 15-pound weight, it’ll need more effort to move and difficult to lift. So, if you own a multi-story house, you should lift it to the next floor. This is why it should be a bit lighter to move on. In any case, any item with a lightweight design is always preferable.

Cleaning Pads

Most steam mops have detachable cushions to enhance your cleaning experience. With the bottom of steam mops, the cushion gets connected, it’s the gadget’s segment that contacts directly with the hardwood or other types of floors.

As all cushions are not made similarly, some steam mops have sturdier ones than some others. Also, some models have separate pads to use in different flooring systems. For example, if you use your steam mop on the hardwood floors, you should use a delicate cushion instead of grating.

Steam Production

Steam mops produce a vital amount of steam with your hardwood floors. As hardwood floors susceptible to water damage, it needs a specific amount of steam to avoid dampness of the floor.

Some steam mops come with the steam controlling feature while many others don’t have it. So, you should choose the steam mops that have this option for optimum steam production.


A steam mop should be anything without feeling the difficulty to move on. Some models have the features to arrive at small spaces as well as the corners. In any case, you should look for the better mobility of the device you’re going to purchase.

It means that you should consider the features like rotating steam mop head, floor spouts, and handles with ergonomic design. These options will allow you to clean small areas of fixings to word around.

FAQs of the Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

How Frequently Should I Change My Steam Mop?

It widely depends on the use of your steam mop. If you use it very frequently and it gets dirty, you should change the steam mop. Also, you need to change it if its fibers or padding have worn out.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Hardwood Floors?

As hardwood floors are subject to damage by water, it’s vital to minimize the use of the steam mop. But, you can dust daily and just one time mopping per week for dirt and grime that will help you to use less tap water on your hardwood floors.

How Frequently Should I Wash The Heads Of My Steam Mop?

This is dependant on how dirty your floor is. If it becomes gloom in a single or two times mopping, you have to wash right away.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours which steam mop you’ll go with because you know your personal preferences and features that you need.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll go on the right track if you buy any one of the above-said reviews. It’s because we have chosen the products after broad research with lots of brands and models.

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