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9 Best Steam Mops For Laminate Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 4, 2022
Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

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The laminated flooring system is made of laminated wood, which is a cost-effective way to avoid using an expensive wooden flooring system. Although they’re inexpensive than normal wood, they’re as durable as stronger than wood.

Also, they’re easy to clean and maintain due to being made of compressed wood. But, when you need to clean them, you should follow some special techniques. Using the best and high-quality steam mop is required and ideal as a technique to keep them clean.

The largest advantage of the steam mops is that they’ll kill germs up to 99.99% to keep your family safe at home. So, let’s know about some top rated steam mop for your laminate floors along with a buying guide.

9 Best Steam Mops For Laminate Floors (2022 Update)

1. Shark Genius Steam Mop For Laminated Hardwood Floors

Shark presents the Genius Steam Mop for your laminate floors that work well even on your normal mopped laminate floors. It’s because this steam can pick up a substantial amount of dirt and grime from hard surfaces.

It can do the task due to the capability to generate a higher amount of temperature throughout the steam blaster. Among some others, the best feature of the product is its channel for direct steam control.

As a result, it can clean a larger area on your floor without a greater effort. It makes the provided water superheated and makes your tasks simpler with dual-sided microfiber mop pad.

Shark Genius is equipped with three different levels of electronic controller of the steam. Because of this feature, the unit can adjust its heat level automatically to manage the steam according to the need of the laminate flooring system.

Moreover, if you don’t like to touch its mop pad, you’ll love this device because it comes with touch-free and practical technology with a design of auto-pad removal.

Coming with a 22-foot long power cable, the cord is long enough that allows you to simply move in big spaces. The unit is also light in weight with only six pounds of weighing, which makes it much easier to work with.

Since it takes just thirty seconds to be heated up and releases heat automatically each time when it pushes to the front side, it’s as convenient as time-saving. It works fine with wood floors as well.


  • Multi-level steam controller
  • Long power cable
  • Detachable mop pad mechanism
  • User-friendly & lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver around


  • Works just 20 minutes or less

2. Smart Living Plus Steam Mop For Laminate Flooring

Many reasons to put this steam mop in the second place on this list, and we’ll learn about all of them throughout the review. The biggest reason that has encouraged us to enlist it at the second top position is its health safety feature.

This mop cleans your floor effectively, and it makes the floor safe for you and your family simultaneously. It means you’re safe from getting affected by various invisible germs and mites.

As the unit works in a higher 110-degree C temperature, its hot steam will take out all harmful elements from the floor. But, it doesn’t want to use of harsh chemicals with the steam mop. It’s because the item is a cleaner based on steam power, which is all you want.

Besides, you should not be an expert to use the device as it’s user-friendly. You just should fill the water container with distilled water, set the microfiber pad up, and the machine will start generating steam to work on your floors. You can also use tap water.

You may ask about the type of floors which this steam mop works on. Well, the good news is that you can use the steam mop on most types of floors, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, wooden, tiles, and many others.

This is why the product can get done mopping tasks for most types of flooring systems. Another great feature of the unit is that it has different temperature settings that help you use it as per different flooring types.


  • Generate 110-degree C of Temperature
  • Cleans & sanitizes the floors
  • Works on most types of floors
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • Needs expensive distilled water

3. Shark Professional S3601D Steam Pocket Mop For Laminate Floors

Shark Ninja presents their laminated floor mopping device on the next in the list. This is the earliest steam mop that comes with the latest technology of Intelligent Steam Controller on the current market.

Because of its simple design and easy controlling, and impressive functionality, the unit has achieved very popularity. First off, it’s equipped with an ultra heating system to assure you of high-quality performance.

As it has a great heating system, it’ll allow you to get an easy and faster cleaning within only 30 seconds. You already know the device has a great cleaning system that we found in this product is very rare to find.

As a result, the machine comes with 3 different controlling levels to operate it. So, it’ll not be anymore an issue to choose your preferred amount of steam.

Thanks to its dual cleaning system with pocket steam technology, it lets you clean and sanitize your laminated floor with each side of its fiber with ease. As soon as you completed the cleaning process, the floor will dry faster.

Thus, the unit is the best investment of your money from all viewpoints regarding floor cleaning. Like many other models, this one is also user-friendly, and you should not be a master to use it. Thus, you’re all set to get done mopping tasks for most types of flooring systems.


  • Faster discharge steam mop head
  • Easy to clean larger spaces
  • Intelligent and smart floor cleaning
  • Convenient & compact design


  • Needs maintenance quite frequently

4. Bissell PowerFresh Laminate Floors Steam Mop

When you’re in search of a type of steam mop that can clean up your laminate flooring system effectively, the Bissell PowerFresh is the right solution for you. The manufacturer offers the latest model of the mop from its production line.

So, the product is improved enough than their previous models along with some unique and new features. Apart from using it on the laminate floors, you can use it on some other flooring systems like tile, linoleum, marble, and hard floor.

Made with a scrubber that’s flip-down and helps you take out tough and stubborn grime and dirt from your surfaces. Also, the steam mop has bristles designed to get a blast on a rigorous amount of steam to make sure the proper cleanup of your hard laminate floors.

Beyond keeping your room tidy, the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop also helps you to provide you a better-smelled room. It’s because the mop’s front side has made with a bit opening in design for setting up scented discs.

And the discs get dissolved while using the steam mop with the steam heat that leaves a fresh fragrance behind the room. The device is also equipped with two washable microfiber mop pads that are antimicrobial and can heat up in just thirty seconds.

This is why you’re free of anxiety about getting a long wait for the mop to get ready to work with. Along with a long power cable, you’ll get a lightweight device that’s easy to move on.


  • Easy to clean the hard stain
  • Three different levels of steam controlling
  • Light in weight
  • User-friendly


  • Non-durable plastic cap

5. SKG Non-Chemical Steam Cleaner For Laminated Floor

A suitable steam mop like the SKG Non-Chemical Steam Cleaner can be your best friend when you need to deal with tougher stains on your laminated floor. It’s because this product is the perfect example of the right piece of the steam mop.

Along with the design with lots of attachments, the device comes with a wide range of useful features. Coming with a six-in-one component, this steam mop is a great helping hand to keep you and your family members safe at home.

As the unit is a multitasking cleaner, it fits various accessories to provide you a seriously cleaned floor, windows, carpet, and even fabric. It’s flexible as the perfect steam mop, which is a great description of the machine.

The unit has three cleaning mop pads that are a bit more than any other available models so far. But, the product is not very heavy to move on as it’s just six pounds that allows you to work for a long time without getting bored.

This triangular-shaped steam mop comes with a swivel of 180 degrees. As a result, it’s easy to navigate spaces that are hard to reach, like furniture and couches.

Because of its two levels steam controlling system, you’ll be able to choose the essential setting for the particular floor you’re going to clean.

Another good feature of the unit is its sensor that can detect when its water tank gets down of the standard quality. It allows you to identify when you need to change the tank water.


  • Versatile steaming mop
  • Lightweight in design
  • Alerts for low-quality tank water
  • Included three cleaning mop pads


  • Smaller power cable

6. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

This steam mop comes with features that will help you enhance the way you clean the laminate floors. It’s because the steam mop not just cleans the floors, it also sterilizes them effortlessly and effectively.

Since it can easily use to prevent delicate floors and surfaces by deep cleaning the grimy and sticky floors, it’s a great product to work with. Moreover, it provides some additional accessories that help you to perform a thorough clean for your carpets.

As a result, when you want a steam mop with a hot steaming feature with your floor and carpet refresher, this is the right product for you. Thanks to its lightweight, it’s ideal for all types of cleaning tasks that need to move onto several rooms and floors.

Another good thing to say about this steam mop is it has a triangular mop head. This is why you can easily clean all parts of your floors with corners and other tough to reach spaces. You’ll get two washable microfiber mop pads, and you can use them about 25 times.

Taking just twenty seconds to be warmed up is another great and useful feature of the unit. It means that it can accomplish the cleaning tasks within a short time without leaving any stain.

Coming with adjustable steam levels, they help you to set your desired temperature as per the need for different floor types. Without the issue of a short power cable, the unit doesn’t have any other shortcoming to talk about.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Flexible steam levels
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel triangular mop head


  • Smaller power cable

7. Dupray Neat Heavy-duty Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

If you have floors with large spaces, then this is the perfect choice for you. It brings the feature of superheated steam mopping because it can warm up water to about 135°C (275°F).

The water content of the mop comes with a higher volume capacity that can hold up to 1.5 liters of water. With this water tank capacity, it’s one of the largest water holding steam cleaners available in the market so far.

Unlike other models that you can use just 20 – 25 minutes to clean, the Dupray is all set to run 50 minutes or more time. Also, this model has an inbuilt funnel that allows you to work it effortlessly when you want to refill its water tank.

The unit is equipped with a hose that’s a two-seater that helps you to clean up the tough to reach spots of your floors. Moreover, while using this product, you’re free of worrying about using and replacing the pad.

It’s because you can replace them with flannels and towels in this unit. You’ll not find the mop wanting due to its higher flexibility.

Apart from cleaning laminate floors, you also can clean your mattresses, kitchen surfaces, couches, and many more things using this steam mop. To enable these features and functions, it comes with enough essential accessories as well as adaptors.


  • Extremely flexible steam mop
  • Included with different accessories
  • Allows using regular towels as pads
  • Provides the highest temperature


  • A bit expensive

8. O-Cedar MAX ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop

When you need to choose the right piece of mop for cleaning your laminate floors, the spray mop can be the type top on many people’s lists. O-Cedar presents that type of mop that we’re talking about, and we’re very excited to discuss the item.

The MAX ProMist of O-Cedar is in this top list due to many insider facts and features. First of all, the mop comes with a double-sided head found very rare to most other models in the same price range.

It has a microfiber layer on both sides that makes your cleaning tasks easier than the one-sided steam mops. This is why you can accomplish your cleaning tasks faster. As the spray mop needs to be filled with water and some other liquid cleaners, this unit has a handy bottle to hold the cleaning stuff.

So, you just should fill the container with water and the desired cleaning solution to start cleaning off your floors. Also, it requires a single press on its button to release the solution from the bottle.

It means that you don’t need to be an expert to operate the mop for cleaning purposes. However, it would be best if you changed its refill every three to six months.

Thanks to its high-quality microfiber, it’s efficient enough to absorb all macros, dirt, and smaller dust. Another good thing about the steam mop is that it’s usable with and without any cleaning solution.


  • Double mopping head
  • Simple to operate
  • Usable in dry condition
  • Single touch release bottle


  • Pad quality is not great compared to other steam mops

9. Bissell PowerFresh 1806 Deluxe Microfiber Pads Mop

Although it probably looks like a simple mop, it’s an effective steam mop. It’ll provide you an environment 99.99% free of germs, bacteria, and some other small particles.

As you don’t need to use any hard chemicals, it’ll save you some bucks. Also, it has an onboard boost brush that allows you to clean dirt from any messy area. The mop not just clean your floors, it leaves a spring decent scent that’s very refreshing for your home settings.

It’s good about the product that this comes with 2 different cleaning pads. As a result, they meet all the cleaning needs you require. With a microfiber soft pad, you’ll get the best results, and it’s because we recommend this item to use for your laminated floors.

Another great advantage of the mop is that it prevents the increase of germs and bacteria on the pads. As a result, you’ll not get any unexpected odors on the floor that are formed by bacteria.

This is why it’s safer to use than some other available steam mops out there. Because of its latest technology of Infused Microban, it offers great performance through its pads.

When you need to clean tough and the normal dirt simultaneously, you’re all set to use this unit and its pad without changing it. So, you can avoid the hassle of plugging in several times. Also, its 25-foot power cord will help you to accomplish your cleaning tasks effortlessly.


  • Long power cable
  • Easy to clean tough dirt
  • Rephrases the environment
  • Two warm-up settings


  • The cap may break easily compared to other steam mops

Buying Guide

Lots of brands and models of steam mops are out there in the market. So, it’s very important to know the ideal one for you before you finalize the purchase. No worries, just follow the below-considering factors to ensure the best product.


When you want to decide how maneuverable and portable a mop is, its weight plays a major role. Also, it’s essential in practical when you need to dirt-free a big space. So, if it’s heavy to carry on, you’ll feel pain and inconvenient to work with.

This is why you don’t have any way to choose the lightweight design mops. In any case, you’re all set to choose from the above-said list. It’s because all of the models are light in weight and easy to maneuver.

Cord Length

When you have a steam-based mop with a large power cable/cord, you’ll find it easy to use. On the contrary, if you own it with a shorter cord, it’ll limit the movement range.

As a result, you’ll find you unable to clean large rooms and surfaces while having a short length cord. So, you should not limit yourself to a smaller power cord. Now, the question is that what the ideal length of the cord is for your household use.

Usually, if you choose a mop with a 20-foot long cable, you’re all set to do almost all cleaning tasks. Otherwise, you’ll need to change the plug several times.

Head Size

Your mop’s head size is also a deciding factor while purchasing it. If you get it with a bigger head, it’ll be able to clean the larger spaces’ dirt at a time. But, it may be tough to fit when you’ll go to clean the corners and underside of the furniture.

So, you have to know which mop head size is suitable for your house. Don’t forget that incorrect mop head size will not provide you the optimum output.


You can save time and money while purchasing a mop that works on both flooring systems. For your house with the laminated floors in its kitchen, however, it has tile in its bathroom floors.

Also, before you buy a mop as per your floor type, think about the options of wet and dry. For its dry and wet functions, you should choose the models that offer the same things.

FAQs Of The Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

Can I Use My Steam Cleaner On Laminated Floor?

Sadly ‘no’ is the answer in short. It’s because steam cleaners are incomparable at cleaning grime and dirt off laminated floors.

What’s The Most Excellent Way To Refresh Laminate Flooring?

Before you start mopping the laminated floor, you should mix hot water plus vinegar equally in its spray bottle. And spray it all around the floor before you mop.

Can I Use Floor Cleaner While Working With My Steam Mop?

No, you must avoid using any floor cleaner or any other chemicals to use with the mop for laminate floors.

Can My Steam Mop Harm The Laminated Floors?

Yes, it can if you use floor cleaners or any chemicals.


Searches regarding the best steam mops for laminate floors end here. It’s because you already know everything about the issue. So, it’s time to choose your preferred product from the list.

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