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10 Best Suction Pool Cleaners: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 3, 2022
Best Suction Pool Cleaner

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Swimming Pools are always fascinating things because of being the cleanest place in a house. If you have an aboveground or inground pool at home, you must have a high-quality suction cleaner. These types of suction pool cleaners are extremely efficient due to the robust mechanism.

Also, the suction cleaner is significant enough to leave your pool see-through clean that you always expect. According to the suction pressure, they use the power to clean your pool bottom and pick up all types of leaves, dirt, and debris.

Suction pool cleaners have different sizes and types that need to choose as per your pool compatibility and convenience, along with some other factors. Now, let’s know about some top-rated suction pool cleaners are available in the current marketplace.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

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 10 Best Suction Pool Cleaners

1. Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Automatic Suction Side

If it’s the best quality suction pool cleaners what you’re seeking, the Zodiac Baracuda G3 brand is your right choice for a suction cleaner. The thing about this suction pool cleaner is that it’s mighty, but don’t make much noise. Also, the compact size of these suction side cleaners come with just one moving part.

The installation process of these automatic suction side cleaners is as easy as a first-timer can do it immediately. The scores of efficacy are higher than many other suction pool cleaners out there.

Besides, the integrated automatic valve of keeping the flow is versatile in controlling the flow rate. So, it helps you to achieve the best cleaning outputs even if the pump runs at a slower speed.

That means you don’t have anything to worry about its compatibility issues when using a pump at a lower rate. Thanks to its design, the device works great while using it with variable speed pumps.

A 36-piece of the finned disc provides you a broader way of cleaning that also fits any kind of pool surface for smooth moving. This is a unique ad cool feature, and it’s beneficial to avoid sticking in tight spots like tight corners of your pool.

That’s why the Zodiac G3 suction pool cleaner has achieved popularity as the most excellent suction pool cleaning device in this top list. You can deal with small to medium-size debris, dirt, and sand using this cleaner to get spotless pool walls and floors with ease.

Because of its wheel deflector, it’s effortless to work with smoothly to the tough to reach spots like stairs, around the pool corners, etc. The attachment of the long hose is as durable as scuff-resistance, which is another handy feature of this automatic cleaning device.


  • Easy compatibility
  • Includes long, durable hose for thorough cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning small and medium-sized debris like leaves, grass, etc.
  • Well-constructed
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Energy-efficient


  • Durability issue of the bladder

2. Hayward Poolvergnuegen W3PVS20JST Suction Auto Pool Cleaner

The Poolvergnuegen W3PVS20JST suction pool cleaner by Hayward ends your further searches as it’s the pool cleaner you’re seeking. Drop all other of the plans and choose this four-wheel drive that works incredibly for all types of pools.

The pools include diving pools, large-sized pools, and many more. As it has four supportive wheels to better tire treads, it runs smoothly to overcome all obstacles available in the pool.

Thanks to the self-adjusting turbine vanes that are automatically adjustable, they produce the highest power regardless of the water flow. So, this suction pool cleaning device is the perfect choice for most types of pools irrespective of their shapes and the pool surface.

Due to its excellent compact design, it doesn’t take ample space when you store it. Many users praise this model as it works better than many other of its ancestors.

Some others have pointed out despite its higher price; this suction pool cleaner is worth buying for its notable performance and thorough cleaning process.

The four-wheel-drive of the suction pool cleaner suit most types of pool and they help it to drive wherever you need to clean and then store the machine.

The unique features like auto-adjusting vanes of turbine provide as much power as it needs to work flawlessly for dealing with all types of debris.

Adjustable tire treads and adjustable roller skirt work with automatic steering that ensures overcoming obstacles, wall climbing, and boosting up the pool coverage. We feel this is the best overall, especially for large pools.

Again, these automated steering sequences cause its left wheel to very often reverse. As a result, it helps the cleaner to turn while the need to move into some other directions. Overall, best to go after, and we highly recommend buying this model.


  • Compact sized
  • This cleaner comes with an adjustable roller skirt
  • Straightforward to assemble
  • Stylish looking
  • Stronger in performance


  • Struggles while the need to climb floor walls

3. XtremepowerUS 75037 Suction Automatic Pool Cleaner

As per complaints of some swimming pool owners, it’s a bit tougher to clean their pool’s bottom. The issue will not annoy you anymore if you use the XtremepowerUS 75037 suction pool cleaner.

You’ll find the pool cleaning tasks easier and time-saving because of its higher capability of accomplishing the workload. The suction pool cleaning device comes with a unique set of 10 hoses.

As a result, it’s well-designed to take over dirt as well as algae of a pool 30 feet long. When you set it with a motor of 1HP, you’ll get the most out of it while cleaning the pool.

The best part of the suction pool cleaner that it doesn’t get help from electric power to operate. That’s what made it extremely energy-efficient and saves you an electric bill because you can attach it with your current filtration system of the pool pump.

As an excellent investment and for the best returns on your money, these automatic pool cleaners will not disappoint you anytime. The cleaner has the right amount of efficiency cleaning dirt, pebbles, short twigs, and debris from a pool.

That’s how you’ll get a crystal clear swimming pool within a short time. Since these automatic pool cleaners don’t come with wheels, you’ll not stick with issues like jamming or breaking that will help you to avoid possible interruption while cleaning the pool. We feel this is one the best suction cleaners out there

While thinking smarter to avoid harness of your pool cleaning tasks, you’re free of worry if you use the XtremepowerUS 75037 this summer. Also, it has designed with sturdy construction that’s highly durable than PVC made ordinary models.


  • Complete set of pool cleaning
  • Effortless to assemble
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable in price


  • Requires more time to clean a pool

4. Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side In-ground Pool Cleaner

The massive task of cleaning your pool is very critical if you do it manually. But, why will you do it as you have a handy and efficient ground pool cleaner like Kreepy Krauly by Pentair? It’ll reduce the cleaning time, and will increase the enjoy time with your friends and family.

With this advanced designed suction pool cleaner, you can get done your pool cleaning tasks without shortfalls. The device is capable of cleaning the whole thing relates to your pool as it sets with the system of its drive float direction.

That means it can clean the pool bottom, water-line, and walls effortlessly with higher scores. The device has higher efficiency when you use it to clean different sizes and types of dirt, large debris, large leaves, sand, and bugs.

Apart from being durable, the machine is as reliable as thoroughly cleans the pool and usable for years.

That’s why it’s trendy with more than three million happy users around the world. Along with more extensive cleaning coverage, it’s still easy enough to use for optimum results. Among other practical features, the major one is reliable suction power.

Because of this, the cleaner works persistently to remove all types of debris in your pool by design. So, you don’t need to get expensive models to deal with your pool debris.

Also, you’ll get dependable service from the manufacturer for years, along with just a single moving part of the device. Besides, the model is energy efficient, and you’ll not get any shocking amount of bills at the end of the month.


  • Robust construction
  • Quite durable
  • Picks up all types of debris
  • Compact design & straightforward to store


  • Unable to clean larger pools

5. Hayward Wanda 900 Aboveground Whale Suction Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you’re seeking a ground-breaking suction pool cleaning machine, the Wanda 900 by Hayward ends up your searches. The whale shape aboveground suction pool cleaner is as faster as better to accomplish your cleaning tasks.

With a new-age, more substantial suction power, this suction pool cleaner comes with a unique turbine system. While using the suction pool cleaner on balanced water, it provides continuous flow.

You get no annoying noise when it works on the pool and smoothly moves to all parts of your pool from bottom to walls.

The curved head of the suction pool cleaner has made it a great design that makes it more straightforward when it needs to use the steering with faster movement. Among other practical features, this fantastic model of Hayward takes less than ten minutes to assemble.

As a fashionable choice for your aboveground pools, the Wanda 900 is the right fit and perfect selection. That’s why you don’t need to use buggy, manual pool cleaning tools anymore.

So, you’re all set to deal with all types of pool dirt while using this cleaner with ease and straightforward operation. Keep in mind that this takes a lot of time to clean the entire pool area.

Because the model works with your current filtration system of the pool pump, you don’t need to remove, empty, or replace the dirtbag. As a result, it’s cost-saving and energy-efficient that will reflect on your monthly electricity bills.

Also, it acts as the main drain that moves and pulls water from the pool bottom when it moves. Thus, it improves the circulation of the water. Besides, it doesn’t need to use harmful chemicals or cleaning agents to clean the pool water. We feel this is the best suction pool cleaner out there


  • Very affordable in price
  • Straightforward to assemble
  • Effortless to operate
  • Stronger suction power


  • More time needed to clean the entire pool area.

6. Zodiac Ranger Automatic Suction Side Above-ground Pool Cleaner

When you have an aboveground pool but confused about keep it clean, it’s time to get rid of your confusion and worries.

Because of having a product like the Zodiac Ranger suction side cleaner, you’re all set to handle whatever the issues are on your pool. This suction side cleaner can clean a pool that’s about 72-inch in depth from its top to bottom with the strength to clean efficiently.

When the annoying noise matters you much, the Ranger will keep away from it with its almost noiseless operation.

The feature of its deflector wheel prevents the machine from catching blocked when you use it at the corners and steps. As most of its parts come preassembled, it’s straightforward to install and use to get the most out of the cleaner.

The AG Disc makes it easy to glide on the bottom of the pool that also allows you to clean the sides and steps with ease. Apart from having the capacity to clean the aboveground pools, it also can handle dirt of the other repositories with more significant curved bottoms.

Again, it eliminates the irritating flapper or hammer-like sound of the pools due to the technology of the single moving part.

With a hose length 32-foot long feed, the Ranger navigates the pool and helps it to avoid catching on ladders, corners, or stairs, or in corners. We feel this is the best suction pool cleaner out there

That’s why you can finish the pool cleaning tasks faster as the cleaner works without any interruption. Besides, its compact design with Insta-Skim, self-adjusting, and Flow Keeper Valve will allow you to control the water flow rate for optimum performance.


  • Very quiet operation
  • Sleek design
  • Simple to assemble
  • Self-adjusting FlowKeeper valve
  • User-friendly


  • Requires guiding for better movement

7. Zodiac MX8 Suction Side Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac MX8 suction side pool cleaners come with a combination of the technology of cleaning and vacuuming. The model promises to keep continuing the style of its previous models from the famous Zodiac brand.

With the built of the latest technology of Cyclonic Vacuum, these suction side pool cleaners can suck a more massive amount of dirt. As you can connect it with your existing skimmer, the MX8 gets higher power for cleaning your swimming pool.

The XDrive technology ensures the best results with excellent pool treatment and dual navigation. Also, its XTrax tires excel in its movement along with ease of wall climbing.

Besides, you’ll get the maximum output of the cleaner while using a different speed pump. The device works great for all types of inground pools with higher efficacy.

That’s why you don’t need to make any other plan; the MX8 is the right choice and the best investment for the high returns of your money. The product is not just compact in design; it’s also all set to handle all kinds of dirt, debris, and stains of your pool.

Thanks to the double cyclonic suction, it enables the device to run faster for unmatched vacuum strength. As a result, it needs 30% or less water flow than any other cleaners of a similar price range for the best output.

Because of its energy-saving design, it’s very suitable for two-speed, variable speed, and solar pumps. Equipped with a big inlet that captures small to larger debris, the MX8 comes with a broad cleaning path than its other competitors.


  • Highly durable
  • Works perfectly for Variable speed pumps
  • Minimal pool maintenance
  • Easy to wall climbing
  • Powerful suction hose


  • Can’t remove twigs or leaves

8. Hayward Aquanaut PHS21CST Suction-Side Automatic Pool Vacuum

When you’re tired of using worthless models of pool cleaners, the AquaNaut PHS21CST pool vacuum by Hayward can hold you from getting break down emotionally. Yes, this pool vacuum can make your days better than those were when you struggled to keep your pool clean the right way.

Apart from being a popular branded product, this is a popular item for lots of users all across the globe.

The SmartDrive programmed steering system of the device provides you with the optimum coverage of your pool. Because of its broad suction path, the model is very efficient in sucking up all kinds of small debris without getting stuck.

The cleaner takes less than 10 minutes to install with hassle-free connection and comprehensible operations. Almost quiet while running, the cleaner can be the right choice to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

That’s why you’ll get the experience of comprehensive pool cleaning with the durable suction power of the AquaNaut PHS21CST. The auto adjustable variable vanes of the cleaner with VFlex technology will make sure the highest strength at any rate of water flow.

As a result, it can deal with most types of debris available in your pool. Due to the preset internal steering, the sequences make sure to cover shallow and deep edges of the pool evenly along with its wall.

Despite being highly durable, when you need to service or maintenance of this device, it’s effortless. We feel this is the best suction pool cleaner out there

The robust tires provide excellent climbing power to clean tough to reach spots like walls, ladders, and stairs. Its three interchangeable throats are well-designed to provide enhanced and robust suction power.


  • Excellent pool coverage
  • Takes 10-minutes to install
  • Extremely efficient
  • Capable of all types of pool surfaces
  • Very durable


  • Issue of sticking on the walls

9. Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Inground Great White Pool Cleaner

As a famous brand, Pentair is back again with another great inground pool cleaning product. The cleaner works fantastically, and you’ll get a new look of your pool with clean and crystal clear water and surroundings.

Its unique low-flow design helps you to keep away all kinds of small debris, dust, and dirt because of SmartTrac automated steering. With automatic operations with adjustable features, it enables the cleaner to navigate everywhere in your pool site for cleaning.

Also, it’s very safe to fit with a cover that’s spring-loaded and located at the door of the vacuum. The device has enough strength to clean most types of surfaces, including, gunite, fiberglass or vinyl.

So, this is another excellent product from the Pentair production line and in many other models of different brands. As an item of the Kreepy Krauly series, the GW9500 takes a more significant bite out of pool cleaning and maintaining tools.

Along with in-depth cleaning capability of grime and dirt, this is a hungry guy to take over almost everything remaining on your pool. The device is uniquely designed that vacuums and scrubs out stubborn dirt with ease.

The mechanism of the cleaner is a bristle-drive that has enough strength to suck pool dirt, debris, and leaves regardless of smaller and more significant.

A 15-inch broader cleaning path allows you to clean your pool right away and save some time to enjoy yourself with family members.

The machine moves with ease into all spots along with tough to reach ones. So, you’re assured of avoiding leaving any spots untreated in the pool.


  • Quite durable
  • Comfortable & great to work with
  • Robust hoses last long
  • Moves smoothly


  • Poor cleaning effort for pool’s shallow end

10. Polaris F9450 In-Ground Sport Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Finally, we have a technically improved pool cleaning tool that’s robotized and included with the latest features and functionalities. You’ll find it like a smaller sports car. But, these robotic pool cleaners can do the toughest pool cleaning tasks easily with four wheels and the latest technology of Vortex Vacuum.

Because of this technology, it sucks four times more debris than other ordinary inground pool cleaning tools. With the feature of a seven-day long cleaning program, it’s well enough to clean up most types of surfaces of the pool up to 50-foot long.

Apart from outstanding performance, this device is the right selection in the kind of robotized suction pool cleaners. The product is the best in its class of cleaning with practical features and performance.

The Polaris 9450 is all set to deal with all pool surfaces, and also it climbs over barriers with ease without facing any issue like sticking. Without misplacing its suction, it provides you with the optimum cleaning effort with the use of the latest technology.

From scrubbing the pool floor to walls, it’s expert to clean all spots even if that is tough to reach with the help of its pleated brush. With a wide-ranging filter, it can hold four times more dirt than other similar models out there. We feel this is the best suction pool cleaner out there.

As a result, it’ll provide you with less filter cleaning, which is about 70% less than other devices. Likewise, it lowers the operating cost that reflects on the bills at the end of the month.

Simple installation is another great feature that’s extremely easy even the first-timers can do it effortlessly.


Comparatively lightweight
A large dirt collection container
Latest technology
Easy to install and clean


Can’t climb the walls

Buyer’s Guide

The buying guide is essential to follow along with the factors that state below.


The suction pool cleaning tools are certainly useful if you have the right one as per the need of your particular pool. Even if it’s a small or medium-sized pool, suction pool cleaners will not do a better job if it has a lack of compatibility.

Most inground pool owners are satisfied after using the said suction pool cleaners. But, you must check the specifications of the cleaner if the pool floor is gunite made.

Booster Pump

When you buy a pool cleaner with suction, you need to make sure it’s a better vacuum system. The suction pool cleaners of your pool do the perfect job for you as they’re easy to connect directly to their filtration system.

But, some of them need booster pumps to boost up the water flow. So, check for your one if it needs a separate booster pump or not.

Safety Features Of The Hose

Hoses play a significant role, while pool cleaning is in progress. They can suffer from being massive damage as they’re made to scrape on your pool’s floor. That’s why you should check the safety features of the hoses. Also, make sure the hose length is enough to reach all the way across and all the way to the bottom of the deepest end.

You should make sure that they’re tough enough to use cleaning the pool. In any case, you can choose anyone from the above-said list that will provide you with the optimum safety results.

Energy Consumption

If you’re bothered by increased energy bills, some of the things to consider is buying robotic or automatic models of suction pool cleaners. They’re not just energy-efficient; they also don’t need to use separate booster pumps.

The energy expenditure will escalate high because of the practice of the different booster pumps if you’re allowing for the pressure side pool cleaners.

So, suction pool cleaning devices are suitable to manage lower energy consumption. Again, you can choose anyone from the above-said list that will provide you with lower energy consumption.

FAQs The Best Suction Side Pool Cleaner

How Long Can My Suction Pool Cleaning Tool Last

Experts say that you can use your suction pool cleaning tool from 2 years to 5 years. But, it’s not constant as it depends on some factors like frequency of use and the product quality also buy the one that works well for you and gets the job done with some great cleaning.

Why Should I Use Suction Pool Cleaners?

The reasons and advantages are many, from user-friendliness to practical features. Also, it saves lots of time as well as effort that other models can’t. Besides, they work great with most types of filtration systems of the pool pump and the water pressure from your pool’s pump is also a big factor. So, you don’t need to buy additional accessories. Keep in mind it might be different for different pool types.

Also, it is important to know that there are different types of pool cleaners like:

  • Suction Side
  • Pressure Side Cleaners
  • Robotic Pool cleaner

Why Doesn’t Move My One, Suction Pool Cleaning Tool?

When your suction pool cleaning device has any problem with its hose, it doesn’t move. So, ensure that you have attached the hose properly as per the direction of the user’s manual. Also, the issue may arise due to leakage of its hose.

How Do The Suction Pool Cleaners Work?

The suction pool cleaners are attached to the suctions side along with the ground pools. Another end of the hose is connected with the skimmer of the pool or with a vacuum port. When the pumps run, they create suction, and the cleaners start moving. Thus, they suck dirt from the ground pools.


The critical thing to get your pool cleaning tasks done the right way is finding out the perfect and compatible device for it. In any case, suction cleaning tools are the great bet with safe and high-performing features for any type of pool.

That’s why don’t forget to check its specifications whether they match your pool size and type of pool cleaner for the best results. Now, it’s time to choose your preferred suction pool cleaners from the above-said list.

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