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Dyson AM05 vs. AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater: Ultimate Comparison

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 10, 2022

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Buying a fan for your home can be more difficult than you first imagine. Even once you decide on a brand you like, there are models so similar you may not know which one to choose from.

Dyson is mostly well known for their vacuums, but if you’re looking into a Dyson fan, you won’t be disappointed. Dyson makes several fans, but the most popular models are the AM05 and AM09.

They’re both very similar, but there are a few small nuances that make them different enough to carefully consider before you buy. We’ve put together a thorough review of both fans so that you can decide which fan is best for your house and needs.

Dyson AM05 vs AM09 At A Glance

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  • With bladeless air multiplier technology, it’s reasonable to be wary before purchasing, but the design allows for more efficient air distribution. It also makes these fans much easier to clean.
  • Just because the Dyson fans don’t come with fast-spinning blades and visible heating elements doesn’t mean they don’t have extra child safety features. Both fan models have an automatic trigger to shut down the fan if it ever gets tipped or knocked over by children or pets.
  • Size is important even for fans. The AM05 had a more desktop friendly size while the Dyson AM09 is better suited for the floor. Both have powerful fans, however, and can be used to cool or heat an entire room.
  • Both of these fans are remote controlled for ease of use no matter where you are in relation to the fan.
  • Both models are oscillating fans to reach every corner of the room.

Dyson AM05 Advantages

  • Compact and Lightweight

The AM05 is great for setting on your desktop or moving from room to room. At almost three inches shorter than the AM09, it takes up much lesser space.

  • Price

It’s the cheaper of the two options, but it’s no less energy efficient or powerful.

  • Child Safety Feature

Has additional child and pet safety features with an automatic shut off trigger when the fan gets knocked over.

Dyson AM05 Disadvantages

  • One Air Distribution Mode

With the Dyson AM05, you don’t get to choose different ways of air distribution. There’s only one air distribution mode.

  • No Timer

Unlike the AM09, the AM05 doesn’t have a timer. If you don’t use the timer function often, this won’t bother you too much.

Dyson AM09 Advantages

  • Sleep Timer for Automatic Shut Off

The AM09 also has a sleep timer setting so you can let your fan run for an hour and not have to worry about remembering to turn it off.

  • Two Different Air Distribution Modes

The Dyson AM09 is equipped with two different air distribution modes: Jet Focus and Diffused. With the Jet Focus control setting, your fan will have a more direct airstream whereas the Diffused mode has a wider reach and distributes the air in a less direct approach.

  • Special Child Safety Features

The child safety feature immediately shut your fan off when it gets tipped over. Although your child won’t exactly hurt their fingers since the fan is bladeless, this is an extra step that Dyson has taken.

Dyson AM09 Disadvantages

  • Heavier and Taller

The Dyson AM09 is sturdier but its heavier weight does make it slightly harder to move from room to room.

  • Price

The AM09 is quite a bit more expensive than the AM05.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Dyson has certainly mastered the engineering feat of bladeless fans and both the AM05 and AM09 fans are evidence of this. Neither of them have visible blades and they both have very similar designs. It can be difficult to decide between them if you’re looking into purchasing a Dyson fan.

In fact, you may not see any real difference between them other than the price and height. Because this is a full review of both products, we’ll compare them side by side and reveal just what differs between each style. They are both designed to provide both hot and cool air, but there are some differences that can seem important once you know about them.

For example, if you’re looking for something a bit more compact but still powerful, then the Dyson AM05 is a better option. It’s only two inches smaller, but if you are looking to save every bit of space, then it’s likely you’ll choose the AM05.

That’s not the only difference between them, though. Below is a direct comparison between the two fans in some common buying criteria.

Of course, your own personal needs may vary slightly and it may be that you want to do some more research, but after reading through this quick comparison chart, you should have enough of an idea about what you want to know which Dyson fan is best for you.

Physical Design

We already touched on size up above, but because it can be an important aspect of your purchase, we’ll mention it again here. As mentioned above, the Dyson AM05 is the smaller size. It stands 22.8 inches tall and weighs about 5 pounds.

On the other hand, the Dyson AM09 hot+cool fan heater stands 24.9 inches tall and weighs over 8.5 pounds. This is because the AM09 is designed to be more of a room heater or fan while the AM05 is built to be a table fan or something similar.

Both of these fans are bladeless which makes them safe for households with pets or children. A fan without blades may seem strange at first, but it can be a lifesaver when you have little ones who like to touch things they shouldn’t. These fans are also easy to clean and maintenance since you don’t have to worry about the blades getting in the way.

The modern design of the fans is impressive. It’s sleek and looks technologically advanced beyond its years. If you’re someone who likes the look and feel of modern technology, this is definitely a fan that will fit in your home.

Verdict: Because the Dyson AM05 is more lightweight and smaller, we’ll have to say it wins this one. It’s easy to move around and still provides the same looks and feel of the AM09 without taking up the extra space.


Both the Dyson AM05 and AM09 are advanced. While they are called fans, they can really function as either fans or heaters. You won’t have to move it into storage so you can pull out your heater when the colder weather comes.

The Dyson fans have the capability to blow both hot and cold air so you can use them at any time of the year. The biggest difference between the AM05 and AM09 appears when you look at available modes. The AM05 only has one stream mode while the AM09 has two: Jet Focus Control and Diffused Mode.

On the Jet Focus mode, you can aim the flow of air in a direct, specific area. This mode is great for days when you want a stream of air to blow on you steadily. For those hot days when a solid stream of cold air sounds perfect or when you’re freezing in your home office and just want to be hit with some hot air.

The Diffused mode is for more broad, wide airflow for when you are hoping to cool or heat a whole room. Both of these fans have the option to set the desired temperature and maintain it. The AM09 also has a timer feature whereas the AM05 does not.

Verdict: The AM09 wins this one. The ability to change the airflow from direct focused to dispersed is wonderful on extremely hot or cold days. The timer is also a great feature if you want to run it for only an hour a day but are prone to forgetting things like turning off your fan.

Child Safety Features

There’s no doubt that keeping kids and pets safe around fans can be a struggle. They always seem to put their fingers, paws, or noses where they shouldn’t go. However, Dyson eliminated the blades in their fans and made them much safer automatically.

In addition to no fan blades, both the AM05 and AM09 have an automatic shut off feature. If the fans get knocked over or tipped, they’ll shut off immediately.

These fans also come with remote controls so if you know your kids or pets are playing nearby, you can turn it off even from out of the room. Make sure to keep the remote out of reach from curious children, though, as the buttons can be tempting.

Verdict: It’s a tie. Both the Dyson AM05 and AM09 have the same safety features to help protect your kids and pets. The company went above and beyond by eliminating fan blades altogether, but they still added the automatic shut off in the event your fan gets tipped over.


Both Dyson AM05 and AM09 fans feature impressive air-multiplier technology and powerful air distribution. When it comes down to it, either fan can be used for any situation, it just depends on your personal budget and needs. Aside from the option of two airflow modes and a timer, the AM09 is not all that different from the AM05.

If you’re looking to heat or cool a smaller space, the AM05 is the way to go. If you have an expansive living space you need the fan for, then the AM09 may be a good choice as well. That’s all from our side on Dyson AM05 vs AM09 comparison guide.

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