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Dyson Ball Animal vs Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Key Differences Explained

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 9, 2022

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The Dyson brand needs no introduction. You already know that they’re well reputed for making good vacuums, so if you’re looking for an upright vacuum to keep your home clean, you can’t go wrong when you’re looking at a Dyson.

There are so many models for Dyson vacuum cleaners, however, that it’s no surprise that you may have trouble choosing.

How do you choose when so many Dyson models have the strongest suction, a lot of power, and—don’t forget—that signature Dyson ball that makes corners so much easier?

We’ll narrow your options down here to be just the Dyson Animal vs Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaners, both of which are great for pet owners and work on all types of flooring. It’ll be up to you to choose which vacuum will be the best for you.

Dyson Animal and Animal 2 At A Glance

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  • The suction is a little more powerful in Animal 2 compared to the Dyson Animal. But that’s to be expected considering that the Animal 2 is an upgraded version. Still, both models have the Dyson cyclone suction that provides improved suction compared to other models.
  • Each vacuum has the same sized dust loaded bin—2L, which means you can vacuum for a while before emptying. That dust bin is also clear, so you can see when it begins to fill up, Brush- Multi-angle, Weight- 17 lbs
  • Both weigh about 17 pounds, but technically, Animal 2 is 17.5 pounds, while the Dyson Animal is 17 pounds. This shouldn’t make too much of a difference though.
  • Both are made with an adjustable cleaning deck, meaning that they will alter the suction to work on whatever floor type you’re currently on.
  • Either vacuum includes the Dyson ball, made to provide you with more maneuverability around tight corners and in small spaces.

Dyson Animal Advantages

  • Maneuverability

Thanks to the Dyson Ball included in this vacuum, you can clean anywhere in your home. It’s never been easier to get around corners and to clean many areas in your home. The Animal 2 also includes this ball, but that’s the point: even though the Animal 2 is an updated version, you can still have the maneuverability of the ball without paying a higher price point if you choose the Dyson Animal.

  • Tool Usage

All of your tools click into place, meaning that they won’t fall out when you’re using them and will maintain consistent levels of suction. This is in contrast to options that use compression for their tools and that often end up with tools falling out while you’re still cleaning.

  • Price

Your strongest suction power may not be as powerful as this earlier model, but for the price, you really can’t beat the Dyson Animal. You get a lot of the same features that you’ll see in Animal 2 at a lower price that is generally more affordable.

Dyson Animal Disadvantages

  • Suction

Let’s be clear here: the suction of the Dyson Animal isn’t bad by any means. It just has less power than Animal 2. You can still pick up a large amount of dirt, dust, and pet hair with this vacuum, but if you’re trying to pick up absolutely everything, you may find that this is an inferior vacuum compared with the Animal 2.

  • Weight

Unfortunately, the weight of this vacuum isn’t insignificant. You’ll have to work to push this vacuum around, and will need to have at least a little strength to use this without struggling. If you have two floors in your home, you may need to carry up this and down the stairs.

  • Noise

It’s true that even in this earlier model, and with less suction power, your vacuum will still be fairly noisy.

Animal 2 Total clean Advantages

  • Suction

This is what really sets Animal 2  apart from the Dyson Animal: the suction. It’s a fact that Animal 2 has stronger suction across all models compared and can therefore pick up more debris than the previous model.

The multi-angle brush-roll motor is made to be powerful to help with this, and there’s a large cleaner head to give the vacuum even more space to suck up large messes. You’ll even notice the active base plate on the bottom of the cleaner head, which works to ensure that you get maximum suction at all times by limiting the loss of suction. It also comes with a soft dusting brush.

  • Filters

When you buy a vacuum like this, you don’t want to have to struggle with constantly buying new filters. Not only is this expensive, but it’s a real pain to change them out. That’s why you’ll love that Animal 2 uses washable filters. You only need to pull them out, clean them up, and insert them back into your vacuum. This means that your consumables will be kept to a minimum when you use this vacuum.

  • Cleaning Reach

One of the best things about this vacuum is that it has a long reach. You can stay in one spot while you clean, and spend less energy pushing around this admittedly heavy vacuum. You have a hose that measures a total of 13.7 feet too, and with the 35-foot power cord, it’s fairly easy to move around your home without having to constantly move from outlet to outlet.

Animal 2 Total clean Disadvantages

  • Carpeting

Despite the strength of the suction in the Animal 2, this vacuum does not perform well on all types of carpeting. It struggles with larger debris in carpets, although it typically can pull up almost everything on carpets. You might just find that it misses some things that it would definitely be able to pick up on hardwood flooring.

  • Weight

Unfortunately, even though Animal 2 is an upgrade of the Dyson Animal, it’s not any lighter. You will still struggle to move this vacuum around with you and might want to consider something lighter if you need to pull it up the stairs after you.

  • Noise

Almost any vacuum you buy will be a little loud, but Animal 2 is definitely loud. It’s difficult to use in the morning or in the evening and cannot be used if you’re trying not to wake someone up.

Winner: Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is the product of Dyson Animal.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

The Dyson Animal and the Dyson Animal 2 are similar in a lot of different ways, but it is important to distinguish the differences between them beforehand so you can make the wisest choice. Both of them are similar in design since they are both based on the upright ball design, and they come in the same color.

However, the Dyson Animal 2 is classified as an upgrade from the Dyson Animal, as it is made to have more suction power and is much quieter than the Dyson Animal.

There are also different variations of the Dyson Animal 2 available on Amazon that come with different attachments based on which model you happen to choose. The differences between the Dyson Animal and the Dyson Animal 2 may seem slim, but it is important to know them so you can make an accurate comparison.

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Cleaning Efficiency

First, let’s take a look at the difference in their cleaning efficiency. Their cleaning efficiency is determined by how well it cleans different surfaces and types of debris. Both the Dyson Animal and Dyson Animal 2 are very versatile with their abilities to clean multiple surfaces and remove tough debris.

They are both exceptionally good at cleaning up pet hair and are even capable of cleaning up the smallest of microscopic dust particles that tend to spread allergens. Both the Dyson and the Dyson Animal 2 are designed with Radial Root Cyclone technology that gives them incredibly high levels of suction power, as well as the ability to adjust to clean any surface. We feel the Animal 2 Dyson ball technology is really advanced and the Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum works perfectly well on all the floor types.

With the way they are both designed and with the addition of the Tangle-Free Turbine tool, they both perform impressively well when it comes to cleaning hair from different surfaces. Especially with the Instant Wand Release Feature and easily picks up pet hair.

Now, let’s see where they are different in this regard. The Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning multiple surfaces a lot better than the Dyson Animal. Where the Dyson Animal is more limited, the Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaner can clean mud, dirt, dust, and hair out of thick carpets, vinyl, tile, and so much more.

Verdict: While they are both extremely efficient and versatile, the Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaner can clean a wider range of surfaces. They are both able to clean the same types of debris, but the Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaner will be a better choice if you want a vacuum that will work on all types of surfaces.

Suction Power

Dyson designed the Dyson Animal and Dyson ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner to specifically focus on having exceptionally strong suction power, even more than any of the other Dyson models. Suction power is essential if you want to have a thorough clean of the hard floors of your house. In this regard, both models excel in the amount of power they have.

However, the Dyson Animal 2’s power exceeds that of the Dyson Animal. The Dyson Animal has a suction power of 245 AW while the Dyson ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner upright has a suction power of 306 AW.

This makes it one of the most powerful Dyson cordless vacuums available on the market. You will definitely be able to feel for yourself just how strong and effective this vacuum is while cleaning and you will not be disappointed.

Verdict: Both upright vacuums are made with a strong focus on their suction power. The upgraded Dyson 2, however, has more suction power than its predecessor.

Noise Level

If you have children, pets, or neighbors that live close by, you will want to find the quietest model available in order to avoid disturbing them. More powerful vacuums tend to be louder than standard vacuums. But both the Dyson Animal and the Dyson ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner is significantly quieter than other vacuums that have around the same suction power as them.

It is definitely rare to find a vacuum that is both quiet and powerful, and both Dyson models deliver excellent results in those regards. Dyson ball Animal 2 is more powerful than the Dyson Animal, but it is surprisingly quieter. The Dyson Animal has a noise output of 86dB while the Dyson ball Animal 2 has a noise output of 80dB.

Verdict: If you are looking to have the quietest option between the two models, it is best to go with the Dyson ball Animal 2. Neither of the models will be completely quiet, but the Dyson Animal 2 will be the better option to accommodate the other people who live around you.


The filtration inside vacuums is one of the most essential features that vacuums can have. Advanced vacuum filters will be able to protect you from even the fine dust particles and they will be more effective than regular filters. You will definitely want an advanced HEPA filter if you suffer from asthma or heavy dust allergies.

In this regard, both models are equal. Both the Dyson Animal and Dyson ball Animal 2 are equipped with HEPA filtration, which is one of the best filtration systems in existence.

Verdict: The Dyson Animal and Dyson ball Animal 2 are both equal in this respect. Their HEPA filtration will be able to protect you from dust allergens with the same level of effectiveness and will allow you to breathe easily before, during, and after cleaning.

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Bin Capacity

The bin capacity will determine how much dirt and dust your vacuum can hold before it has to be emptied. The bigger the bin capacity, the more it can hold and the more time you can spend cleaning in one go.

If you regularly have large spaces to clean, you will want your vacuum to have a large enough bin capacity to help you get the job done without having to frequently empty the bin.

The Dyson Animal and Dyson Animal are both bagless vacuums, which means that they will collect everything they clean inside of the bins they come equipped with. Both bins can be emptied by pressing a switch.

There is not really too much of a significant difference between the bin capacity besides the Dyson Animal having slightly more space. The Dyson Animal has a bin capacity of 2L while the Dyson ball Animal 2 has a bin capacity of 1.8L.

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Verdict: While it is not too significant of a difference, the Dyson Animal has a higher bin capacity than the Dyson Ball Animal 2. If you want a slightly bigger bin to trap the dust and dirt inside, the Dyson Animal is the better option.


You will definitely not want to struggle with hauling around a heavy vacuum while you are cleaning. The weight factor is usually what makes or breaks some purchasing decisions for many people because some people are not able to deal with heavier vacuums.

The Dyson ball Animal 2 weighs a little less than the Dyson Animal. The Dyson Animal weighs 18 pounds while the Dyson ball Animal 2 weighs 17 pounds. It is not much of a weight difference, but anything lighter may just help you be able to move around with your vacuum much more easily.

Verdict: The Dyson ball Animal 2 is a pound lighter than the Dyson Animal, which is not too much of a significant difference. However, it is the lightest option amongst the two of them and will be the better option if you want a more lightweight vacuum.

Cleaning Tools and Accessories

The different cleaning tools and accessories that come with the upright vacuum will help add to the level of convenience, as well as how effective they will be at cleaning messes.

Free tools such as an extending hoses/wand, stair tool, reach under tool, mattress tool, self-adjusting roller heads, etc. All these free tools will be really useful in helping you get the more thorough clean you want for your house.

Overall, when it comes to tool selection, the extra free tools and accessories that are included with vacuums are designed to make your cleaning jobs exceptionally easier.

Both the Dyson Animal and the Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum come with the same extra tools and accessories, so you will not have to worry about sacrificing one tool for another. The added free tools include an extending hose/wand, a stair tool, a combination tool, a turbine tool, and a self-adjusting roller head.

A combination tool is basically a crevice tool and a soft dusting brush rolled into one. Most of the consumers have given 4-rating when it comes to tools and accessories. Also, when you have purchased from Dyson, you can expect a full refund if it is not as per your expectations.

Verdict: When it comes to additional tools and accessories, the Dyson Animal and Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum are equal. You will not have to worry about missing out on the convenience of the extra cleaning accessories since they both come with the same set of tools along with a reach under-tool.


Ultimately, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum is an upgrade. However, the Dyson Animal might just be the better vacuum for you. If you can forgive the fact that it does have some weaker suction power, it has basically all the same features as the Dyson Ball Animal 2 and for a cheaper price.

You can pick up this vacuum to handle most flooring types and to keep your home clean, but if you really do need something stronger, Animal 2 is a great option and are ready to provide you with a full refund if it is not as per your expectations.

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