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Miele C1 vs C2 vs C3: Which is A Better Canister Vacuum?

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 8, 2022

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Miele builds high-quality vacuum cleaners, and by “high-quality,” we mean vacuums that last for 20 years or more. Talk about impressive. You really can’t find too many vacuums touting this kind of reputation, especially canister vacuums like the Miele C1, Miele C2, and Miele C3.

These three vacuums are canister vacuums, so you can leave the base on the bare floor while you clean with the head. When you’re done, all three of these options easily fit within your closet.

Since they’re all small canister vacuums, which one should you pick then? Trust us, there are differences, and that’s what we’ll go through here to help you pick the best for your home.

Miele C1 vs C2 vs C3 At A Glance

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  • All three canister vacuums have a space-saving design that lets you click the hose onto one side so that they’re easy to store and last for almost 20 years.
  • For all three Miele C1, C2, and Miele complete C3, you only have to touch the automatic electric cable rewind for you to get the cord out of your way—no more manually winding it up
  • Each vacuum has a comfortable handle that is ergonomically designed to keep pressure off of your wrist since even though they’re small vacuums, you still need to put the work in
  • All have electronic controls right at your fingertips—just click the buttons to get your vacuum to work with one touch.
  • As for differences, the C2 and Miele complete C3 have fully seated canister vacuums. This means that less dust and particles escape so allergy sufferers suffer less
  • The Miele C1 has a power cord that is 3-5 feet shorter than the Miele compact C2 and C3 and does not have the rubber bumper strip that protects furniture
  • The Miele Compact C2 and Miele complete C3 canister vacuums are quieter since they are updated versions of the Miele Classic C1

Miele Classic C1 Advantages

  • Cleaning Modes

You have multiple cleaning modes with the Miele C1—6 cleaning modes, to be exact. Each one uses the same 1,200-watt vortex motor and HEPA filtration system to make sure that the dirt, debris, and dust is sucked up and stored away properly. All of these cleaning modes are shown with a small image to help you choose between curtains, cushions, high-pile carpeting, low-pile carpeting, hard floors, and you can even choose an energy-saving mode too and also it includes a HEPA filter and an upholstery tool.

  • Suction Variety

Most casnister vacuums only give you one option for pure suction. That’s the norm, but with the Miele C1, you have the ability to adjust the strength of the Miele Compact C1 pure suction—just pick one of six possible settings depending on what you’re trying to clean.

  • Price

It’s true that since the Miele C1 vacuum cleaner is an earlier model of the Miele vacuums, so this means that it’s less expensive than your other options. You’ll still get some pretty powerful suction then for a little less of a price than your updated versions and is perfect for hard floor types.

Miele C1 Series Disadvantages

  • Hard to Understand

The biggest problem with all the cleaning modes is that even though you have one-touch buttons with images on them, those images are not the easiest thing to understand. The image of the curtains is one of the only clear options.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Because you do not have a bare floor and hard floor brush roll in the cleaner head, this vacuum isn’t as good at cleaning the low-pile carpet as you might like. Even though you have two options for different carpet types, you may not think it cleans your carpeting too well.

  • Cord Length

To be honest, you do still have a lot of space for cleaning, but the cord length is on the short side for this Miele vacuum. You may find yourself jumping between outlets depending on the size of your home.

Miele C2 Advantages

  • Flexibility

You have the option of adjusting your cleaning options at any time with these canister vacuums. With six different modes, you can clean on hardwood flooring or thick carpeting and rugs and still get your floor clean. With the rotary dial, you can choose how much power and electricity you’re using at any one time. The SBB300-3 Parquet twister dusting brush is a great attachment as well.

  • Filter

With a HEPA filtration system in these vacuum cleaners, you’ll be able to rest assured that about 99.99 percent of allergens, dust particles, and dirt are filtered out of the air when you’re cleaning. This also means that allergy sufferers don’t have to suffer too much with these vacuum cleaners. These models also come with an exhaust file and an airclean filter. These vacuum cleaners easily pick up pet hair.

  • Cleaning Power

You have a lot of cleaning power when it comes to your C2 vacuum. These models come with two brushes, you’re able to clean all hard floor types and carpets, and it’s so powerful that you should be able to pick up most items without a problem.
Miele C2 Disadvantages

  • Price

Since this is an updated vacuum compared to the Miele C1, it’s true that the price is a little higher. You have to want to invest in this option if it’s the right vacuum for you, but it might just be worth it.

  • Bags

You do have bags in this vacuum, although all of these options use bags. Still, this means that you need to replace the bags regularly and that you will need to spend even more money on your vacuum even though it’s already a higher price initially.

  • Tools

You have the ability to adjust the tools in this vacuum, but it can be a little difficult to figure out which tools work best for what and to get the right tools for your type of flooring and also includes a crevice nozzle tool and an upholstery tool.

Miele C3 Advantages

  • Pet Hair

One of the best things about the C3 Complete is that it easily eliminates pet hair. Not a lot of vacuum cleaners can do this so well, but the C3 Complete is unique. TheHEPA filter is designed not only to grab pet hair but also to handle pet odor all at once, it also comes with a crevice tool/ crevice nozzle, a stainless steel telescopic wand, and an upholstery tool.

  • Filtration System

Like the C2, you have a great HEPA filter in these Miele C3 models. The clean air filter will get rid of pet odors, while the sealing system ensures that you don’t have to deal with dust and debris flying into the air, it also includes a HEPA filter.

  • Suction Control

You have six different levels of suction control with the Complete C3 models which enable you to choose the right amount of power for your task. No more wasting electricity using too much power. It helps too that you’re able to adjust your suction based on the flooring type.

Miele C3 Canister Vacuum Disadvantages

  • Price

It’s true that this vacuum is a little more expensive than other options. This is because it’s a little higher end, with some impressive features that beat out the competition.

  • Space

While these vacuum cleaners are still small, it has a hose, a stainless steel telescopic wand, and 3 specialized heads, which tends to take up more space than the other comparable options. You may need more area to store your vacuum.

  • Filter Replacement

One of the biggest inconveniences here is the fact that you do need to periodically change out your three HEPA filters to keep this vacuum working well. There’s no HEPA filter replacement indicator for you to check either.

What’s The Difference Between Them?

When it comes to the Miele C1, C2, and Complete C3 Meile vacuums, the differences can be hard to find. All three vacuum cleaners have powerful 1,200-watt Vortex motor suction power and can be used on all floors and they’re all designed to be a compact system, lightweight, and highly efficient. However, that doesn’t mean they’re all the exact same.

When we compare Miele c1 vs c2 vs c3, each model was built with some specific purpose in mind, but all have the ability to clean any flooring type and come with a variety of additional brushes to make cleaning even easier.

We’ve compiled three or the top things most people keep in mind when looking for a vacuum to give you a straightforward comparison of each Miele vacuum type.

Vacuum Size and Weight

When we compare Miele c1 vs c2 vs c3, the size of your vacuum is important. For people living in small apartments, you will want to find something that can easily be tucked away into a closet. If you are living in a larger home or a place that has the space to store something bulkier, then size may not be a big factor for you right away.

However, keep in mind that bulkier vacuums will be harder to move up and down the stairs and you may get tired after pushing one for an extended amount of time.

Thankfully, all of Miele’s vacuums are compact and lightweight. There are, however, a few variations between each model.

When we compare Miele c1 vs c2 vs c3, the Miele C1 models are the base model for Miele’s vacuums and are therefore neither the largest nor the smallest vacuum. It stands 18.2 inches tall and is 11 inches wide. This model only weighs around 14 pounds even when all accessories are on-board and installed on the vacuum. The dust bag can hold up to 3.5 liters before it needs to be emptied.

The Miele C2 electro vacuum was specifically designed with a compact design in mind. The smaller design does not, however, mean the dust bag is smaller as this model has a dust bag capacity of almost 4 liters.

With a smaller design, the Compact C2 electro vacuum stands 9 inches tall and is only 9.6 inches wide, notably smaller than the C1 Meile canister vacuum. It weighs 14.5 pounds, just a bit more than the Miele C1, even with all accessories attached, and also comes with a turbo brush.

Miele C3 models are the largest of the three. It is 23 inches tall and about 16 inches wide, making it the bulkiest and the heaviest weighing 16 pounds. It’s still easy to push around and navigate your home with, but it may wear you down quicker and tire your arms faster than the other two models.

Verdict: Here, the Compact C2 series wins, but only by a little. It’s super compact and easy to store but the Miele C1 series is right behind it in both categories. If you need something small and powerful, the Miele C2 series vacuum is definitely the choice between these three.

Vacuum Radius

Everyone hates accidentally pulling or yanking on the vacuum cord rewind when cleaning and Miele manufacturers seem to have figured that out. All three vacuums have longer than usual cords with automatic retractors.

When we compare Miele c1 vs c2 vs c3, the C1 Meile canister vacuum cleaning radius is the shortest seeing as it was Miele’s base model, but even this cord stretches 29 feet. This is plenty of space for the average room and even rooms that are larger.

As can be expected, the Compact C2 series is the middle ground when it comes to cord rewind length. The vacuum is made to be small and handy, sure, but it has a cord that reaches 33 feet. Again, plenty of lengths to clean any average room and most larger home living rooms without having to stop and change outlets.

When it comes to cord rewind length though, the Miele C3 Marin has both other models beat. It reaches almost 37 feet with ease and almost guarantees you won’t have to unplug the vacuum unless you have a very large house or are switching rooms that are far from each other.

Verdict: The Miele C3 Marin vacuum cleaner wins hands down when it comes to the vacuum radius. It has an insane reach that is hard to beat and can really clean almost the entire house without having to change outlets more than once or twice (depending on the size of your home, of course).

Carpeting vs Hardwood Flooring

All of Miele’s models work well on both hard floor types. However, as can be expected with improved models and extra features, a few of the models excel in different areas.

When we compare c1 vs c2 vs c3, the Miele C1 series vacuum cleaner is designed to be versatile. Depending on the brushes you purchase, it can be used on either high-pile carpet or hardwood and tile. The suction is just as powerful for both, but it wasn’t made to excel in one area or the other. If you purchase the Electro Plus brush or have it included, the electro plus brush can handle the medium-pile carpet fairly easily but may struggle with high pile carpets.

Miele C2 vacuum cleaner was designed for hard floors. It can certainly be used on carpeting, but it may not be as efficient as you’ve seen on the hard floors. Medium and high-pile carpets can be cleaned just as perfectly as harder flooring, but on thick carpeting is where you’ll need to purchase an extra dusting brush in order to get the most out of your cleaning.

The Miele C3 vacuum cleaner is designed for all floors. It can handle both medium carpet and tile flooring just as powerfully without needing to buy the extra dusting brush. It may be recommended, but it’s not particularly necessary even for thicker carpet, it also comes with a turbo brush.


In terms of the Miele vacuums, you have a lot of options for what you choose. Actually, the earliest version, the Miele C1 series, might just be your best option. It’s less expensive and still includes multiple cleaning tools, modes, and heads. That being said, you may find that the Miele C2 Meile canister vacuum cleaners and Miele complete C3 canister vacuums are easier to use and have more flexibility when it comes to adjusting your power, so what you choose is up to you.

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