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Shark IONflex DuoClean vs. Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum: Ultimate Comparison

by  Lawrence -  Last updated on March 8, 2022

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Technology is all about making things easier, and this definitely can be applied to cleaning as well.

Vacuums are known for being bulky and heavy tools that need to be plugged into work. Also requiring a bag to be dumped and replaced every so often.

Now, top-notch vacuum companies want to provide a modern vacuum that can run cordless, bagless, and clean more efficiently. These two vacuums hail from some of the biggest names in cleaning products and have a long line of products that have been both beloved and reliable.

Keep in mind that you will be investing in one of these vacuums. These are not budget-friendly prices, so you must approach the decision with knowledge of what you want from a vacuum.

There will be different features and qualities to look out for such as cleaning power and battery life. We decided to investigate further on which premium vacuum is worth spending the big bucks on and which vacuum isn’t.

Shark IONflex vs. Dyson v8 at a Glance

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Shark Ionflex Advantages:

  • 3.5 hours for charging time
  • Multi-flex technology that allows it to reach tricky places
  • Employs a washable foam filter for longer use

Shark Ionflex Disadvantages:

  • Smaller 0.28 liter bin in comparison to the Dyson v8
  • It is a heavier vacuum at 8.7 pounds
  • Dual head motor gives effective clean, but requires more maintenance

Dyson v8 Advantages:

  • Employs a hygienic bin emptying system
  • Fully sealed system with HEPA filter
  • A more light and balanced hand vacuum

Dyson v8 Disadvantages:

  • 5 hours for charging time
  • The trigger system used may save battery life, but it is not ideal for ergonomics
  • Low setting is not as effective as it could be

Winner: Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is Shark Ionflex.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Dust Cup Capacity and Design

Since these modern vacuums want to get rid of dust bags and their continuous replacement, we then must look at their dirt and dust capacity. Both of these vacuums carry the dust cup within the handle, therefore you can just open it and all the debris can fall into the trash can.

The difference will lie with how you can open it and clean it, when it comes to these two products. The Dyson v8 utilizes a lever that can be pushed to slowly knock out all the debris in the cup.

The Shark Ionflex will depend on gravity, going for a simpler method of just opening it and letting it empty into the bin. Either method will do the job just fine, but the Dyson v8 has a larger dust capacity than the Ionflex.

Because of this, we’ll have to go with the Dyson v8. A larger dust cup capacity with a compactly designed vacuum is something we can’t ignore.

Verdict: Dyson v8

Battery Life

When it comes to a rechargeable vacuum, it is important to gauge how long will the battery last? The finicky thing with these premium vacuums is that you can only vacuum for as long as the battery allows.

Once it runs out, you’ll have to wait till it is charged before vacuuming some more. This feature of cordless vacuums will require planning ahead or risk a frustrating situation. The Shark Ionflex and the Dyson v8 have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

You can charge the batteries in their own separate port and just plug them back into the vacuum whenever you need to clean. The difference here between them is that the Shark Ionflex comes with two batteries instead of one.

Each battery has a runtime of about 23 minutes, so combined they give a total of 46 minutes runtime. Though the Dyson v8 only comes with one battery, its runtime is relatively the same coming in around 40 minutes.

Keep in mind that the battery life duration on both of these products will be cut in half when different heads are utilized. So depending on which kind of cleaning setting you want, the battery life will range from 20-40 minutes. So, which vacuum is better?

To answer this question, we found that the charging time had a significant amount of difference. The Shark Ionflex takes 3.5 hours to fully charge whereas the Dyson v8 takes 5 hours. It is such a stark difference given the similar runtimes they both have.

For this reason, we have to go with the Shark Ionflex for encompassing two batteries to make this possible.

Verdict: Shark Ionflex

Cleaning Power

This is probably one of the most important features you can look out for. How well does it clean? Especially for the price point that it is sold at. If you’re investing in a premium vacuum such as these, you want to be absolutely sure that it accomplishes an effective clean for your home.

There are varying technologies that these two brands use to accomplish this. We decided to look a little further on the different qualities they possess to make an educated decision on which vacuum wins this category.

Let’s discuss the Shark Ionflex DuoClean head. Its namesake proves to be true, given that you won’t need to switch out brush heads for different surfaces. There is a soft bristle brush for hardwood floors and a hard bristle brush for carpet surfaces.

All you’ll need to do is change the setting with a button on the vacuum. Given the two rollers it encompasses you can vacuum easily on hardwood surfaces as well as carpet. The suction is quite effective on both! The DuoClean head can clean up large piles of dirt without clogging, including hearty stuff like cheerios for those in family homes.

The Dyson v8 has two separate brush rolls that are not built in one like the Shark Ionflex, but are utilized for the same surfaces: hardwood and carpet. The suctioning power inside the Dyson’s direct drive roller brush is very effective, especially on carpet. Keep in mind that its powerful clean also causes the battery to shorten quicker, if you need to use a higher suction power that is.

Between these two products, their cleaning power is effective and reliable. Given that both of these envelope the same amount of power, we have to go with the Shark Ionflex. Even though they give off the same power they don’t take up the same amount of battery life.

The Dyson v8 requires more battery in different suctioning situations, but the Shark Ionflex doesn’t have to sacrifice any more battery life than it needs to. With prices like these, the less compromising the product forces you to consider, the better. If the compromisable situation isn’t as important to you as we think it is, then the Dyson v8 will definitely get the job done.

Just be sure to plan those vacuuming days accordingly.

Verdict: Shark Ionflex

Design Functionality

Since everyone is using different types of technology for prolonged amounts of time, ergonomics has become something to take into consideration. Vacuuming is no exception to this.

Depending on how big the area is or how big the mess is, you’ll be doing the same movement for about an hour. The handle grip, the weight of the vacuum, and the adaptability of the vacuum’s design are all things to consider.

A premium vacuum should be able to offer something in each of these qualities. It shows great care and thoughtfulness on the companies behalf to implement comfortable and safe designs for their consumers. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two leading vacuums.

The best thing about the Dyson v8 is its lightweight durability. The design encompasses a slim handle and a compact suctioner. One of the only problems we have with it is its trigger handle.

The design allows for it to easily be converted into a handheld vacuum whilst remaining lightweight. The trigger feature means that the vacuum will only hold power as you press the trigger and then turn off once you release it.

The company has declared that this to ensure optimal battery saving possibilities, but for those it can be stressful on your hands. It will all depend on whether you care more about your battery life or the comfortability of vacuuming, but for this category it is enough to make us hesitant.

The Shark Ionflex has a bit more bulkier design that requires a bit more finesse, but its capabilities make it worth it. This vacuum doesn’t employ a trigger button handle, settling for just a button to turn off and on the main power.

The best part about the Shark Ionflex is its multi-flex technology used in the handle of the vacuum. Located in the middle, you’ll be able to vacuum with ease under furniture and awkward spaces.

The Dyson v8 does not have a feature like this, choosing to be more light-weight in its flexibility. This feature of the Shark Ionflex is what makes this vacuum very desirable to many people. Both of these vacuums have decided to capitalize on different ergonomic features for its clientele.

Whether you prefer something light-weight and simple or something flexible and durable, there is no denying that these vacuums are impressive. Preferences is what it comes down to, and we prefer the Shark Ionflex. The multi-flex feature is something to be desired.

Just think of it, you can finally vacuum under your couch without moving your couch! Now, the Dyson v8 is still a great option with its incredible power and light-weight feature. Our concern is which one can navigate the house and the furniture easily, and the answer is the Shark Ionflex.

Verdict: Shark Ionflex

Unboxing and Available Attachments

Sometimes the greatest mystery when buying a product is not knowing what exactly you are getting. There can be extra items or even items you didn’t realize would require some outsourcing.

If you’re here then you’ll agree with us when we say that we’re not a big fan of the mystery either. Marketers definitely don’t make this part any easier, which is why we decided to go ahead and list everything you will be getting when buying these products.

The Dyson v8 will come with six additional tools:

  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Mini-motor head tool (intended for upholstery)
  • Motorhead (Intended for carpet)
  • Mini-soft dusting brush
  • Soft roller head (intended for bare floors)

Besides the vacuum itself, these are all the tools that will be available for you once you open the box. There’s a lot of versatility here and definitely puts us at ease with investing in a product like this.

The amount of available tools definitely speaks to the detailed thought process they went into when putting their vacuum together.

The Shark Ionflex will come with five additional tools:

  • Dusting brush
  • Dusting crevice tool
  • DuoClean head
  • Anti-allergen dust brush
  • Upholstery tool

Given that the DuoClean head encompasses two brushes into one, it is safe to say that these two vacuums are very much alike in their attachments.

At least, when purchasing either of these you can be assured that you’re getting all the tools you need to vacuum any parts of your house. Since we were such big fans of the DuoClean head earlier, we’ll have to go with the Shark Ionflex again.

Verdict: Shark Ionflex


When it comes down to it, you have to go with which features excite you. There’s a possibility that the features we found important may not translate the same to you. Regardless of which vacuum has better qualities, they have proven to be on the same wavelength of reliability and power.

In truth, you can’t go wrong with either. We found that the Shark Ionflex’s flexibility and amount of power were slightly better than the Dyson v8. Whereas the Dyson v8, had versatile attachments and light-weight handling around the house.

Also, the handheld feature of the Dyson v8 is easier to use than the Shark Ionflex’s handheld conversion. This is due to the lack of bulky exterior in the Dyson v8. We chose the Shark Ionflex for their ability to vacuum under furniture without kneeling, the availability of two lithium-ion batteries, and its DuoClean head technology.

The only compromise you have to make with the Shark Ionflex is its bulky weight when wielding it. Other than that, it makes it the best vacuum for us. Now, all you have to do is decided what features are preferable and in turn, which vacuum is the best for you.

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